A purposeful quiet is befalling Iliff as we get ready to close the school for the holiday.   From my office I can still hear construction noise in Iliff Hall as the renovation work is soon to come to completion.

Since early summer, the sound of drilling and the hot whoosh of torches has been a friendly backdrop to the familiar sounds of our daily work.  Thanks to everyone who has patiently endured the inconvenience during this time.   Your patience has born a quality of anticipation as we imagine a more comfortable and functional space.

Now, in these days of our break, we step more fully into our personal lives and the traditions that mark this time of year.  May the sounds, aromas, and tastes of our gatherings with family and friends surround us in these sacred days.  May we be open to their power to disrupt what is expected for what is new.  The headlines on any given day weigh us down.

My hope is that this personal time will provide for each of us a renewed buoyancy that reminds us, despite any current event, that it is the power of relationship and love that undergirds our very being.  It is forever my hope, that our collective connection through our beloved Iliff, will be a constant reminder and dwelling place for this truth.

Wherever and however you find yourself this season, blessings to you and yours as you welcome what is new.


Tom Wolfe