MASJE and Incubator 


Master of Arts in Social Justice & Ethics (MASJE) and Incubator Programs

The Rev. Dr. Boyung Lee, Sr. Vice President of Academic Affairs and Dean of the Faculty, and The Rev. Dr. Jennifer Leath, Director of the MASJE program, have primary responsibility for the MASJE and Incubator programs.

The Corona Insights report suggested that a MASJE and Incubator programs could potentially be attractive to two different types of audiences:

1. Individuals who have an interest in a broad range of social justice issues (e.g. climate justice, pollution in communities, structural or institutional racism, social justice, equity and inclusion in decision making, social determinants of health, economic inequality, criminal justice reform, poverty and homelessness, gender equality, LGBTQ rights, and/or disability rights) they wish to master in a degree program; and,

2. Individuals who are looking for certification in the specific justice areas where they are already enacting change through community organizing, policy advocacy, grassroots action, activism or public protest, political campaign work, or lobbying.

Both types of individuals might be interested in our Incubator. MASJE degree candidates could be candidates for the Incubator that will allow them to learn from veteran and current social justice advocates. Individuals who are already enacting change towards social justice could enroll in the Incubator for an opportunity to network with colleague activists and organizers. The Rev. Dr. Lee, The Rev. Dr. Leath, and the faculty are reviewing and considering these strong possibilities.