Iliff School of Theology Receives One Million Dollar Grant from Lilly Endowment Inc.

December 7, 2021 » Read press release

157 years ago Monday, hundreds of Arapaho and Cheyenne Natives were murdered along Sand Creek in Colorado

November 29, 2021 » Read news story

Honoring Native Americans During Thanksgiving Month

November 19, 2021 » Read news story

Support for International Pronouns Day

October 11, 2021 » Read statement

AAR Excellence in Teaching Award – Miguel De La Torre

April 20, 2021 » Read announcement

President’s Statement on the the Verdict of the George Floyd Murder Trial

April 20, 2021 » Read statement

President’s Statement on the Boulder Shooting

March 23, 2021 » Read statement

President’s Statement on the Atlanta Shooting

March 18, 2021 » Read statement

Out of Left Field

InTrust Magazine, February 26, 2021 » Read article

Center for EcoJustice to host its second annual conference on “Shifting Climates, Shifting People”

February 17, 2021 » Read release

President’s Reflection on the Violence at the Nation’s Capitol Building

January 8, 2021 » Read reflection

President’s New Year Message

January 1, 2021 » Read message


Seminary launches institute to advance progressive views in politics, culture

The Christian Post, November 20, 2020 » Read news story

Facing up to a grotesque book at Iliff

UMC News, October 19, 2020 » Read news story

Amanda Henderson stepping down as Interfaith Alliance of Colorado leader

Colorado Politics, October 19, 2020 » Read news story

Iliff announces the Creation of its Institute for Religion, Politics & Culture

October 19, 2020 » Read release

Iliff welcomes Dr. Girim Jung as Visiting Assistant Professor of Comparative Religion and Contextual Theologies and Louisville Institute Post-Doctoral Fellow

October 1, 2020 » Read release

Professor Emeritus Tink Tinker (wazhazhe, Osage Nation) – When It Comes to Renaming Controversial Monuments, Some Have Doubts

July 3, 2020 » Read the news story

Iliff’s President Advisory Council member Carlotta LaNier featured on Rocky Mountain PBS’s series – Great Colorado Women

July 3, 2020 » Watch the video

Message from the President on Black Lives Matter

July 1, 2020 » Read the message

Professor Jennifer Leath – Berkley Forum Series: Soul in the Fight for Racial Justice

June 22, 2020 » Read the write-up

Iliff Trustee Carolyn Love – Three Generations of Colorado Women who are Black Scholar-Activists Reflect on the Moment

June 19, 2020 » Read the news story

Dr. Philip Butler appointed as Term Assistant Professor of Theology and Black Posthuman Artificial Intelligence Systems

June 9, 2020 » Read the release

Message from the President on Remembering George Floyd

May 29, 2020 » Read the message

Message from the President on COVID-19

March 23, 2020 » Watch the video

Colorado Public Radio – The “new” Iliff and the AI Institute

March 12, 2020 » Listen to the story

Boyung Lee: Asian Disapora @ Wabash Center’s Dialogue on Teaching

March 1, 2020 »Listen to the podast

Iliff selected as one of the Seminaries that Change the World

February 10, 2020 » Read the release

It’s 2020, so let’s talk to a theology school’s bot about happiness

Denverite, February 10, 2020 » Read the news story

Religious Leaders And Students Gather In Denver To Discuss The Future Of The Methodist Church As A Potential Split Looms

Colorado Public Radio, February 5, 2020 » Read the news story

Interfaith Panel Encourages Bridge-Building Across Ideological Differences

Colorado Times Recorder, January 16, 2020 » Read the news story


Colorado Methodists See A Split On The Horizon After The Church’s Vote To Ban Same-Sex Marriages And LGBTQ Clergy

Colorado Public Radio December 4, 2019 » Read the news story

“We do see the evil”: Western bishops declare safe harbor for United Methodist clergy as restrictions on same-sex marriage take effect

Denver Post, December 1,  2019 »Read the news story

American Indians & Indigenous Peoples Don’t Owe You Hope: Interview with Tink Tinker

Patheos, November 28. 2019 » Read the write-up

Iliff Professor Emeritus Tink Tinker (wazhazhe/Osage Nation) Receives Prestigious Scholar-Activist Award

October 7, 2019 » Read the release

Center of Eco-Justice Hosts its Inaugural Conference on the Intersection of Water and Environmental Racism

August 5, 2019 » Read the release

Iliff partners with Regis University on its Master of Nonprofit Management program

May 29, 2019 » Read the release

Iliff President announces 50 in 5 initiative

May 21, 2019 » Read the statement

Iliff receives grant to promote dialogues on science and technology issues

May 1, 2019 » Read the release

Local faith leaders decry Methodist church’s LGBTQ ban

Westword, March 21, 2019 » Read the news story

Standing together with our Muslim community

March 15, 2019 » Read the statement

Iliff School of Theology receives generous grant from the Bacon Family Foundation

March 1, 2019 » Read the release

Gay Methodist clergy in Colorado vow to remain “out and loud” after church strengthens LGBTQ restrictions

Denver Post, March 1, 2019 »Read the news story

Colorado Matters: Iliff stands with its LBGTQ Methodists

Colorado Public Radio, February 28, 2019 » Listen to the podcast

Mountain Sky Bishop, Iliff School of Theology CEO ‘heartsick’ after UMC’s anti-LGBT vote

Channel 7 (ABC), February 27, 2019 » Watch the news report

Denver Churches Question Their Futures After LGBTQ Ban Vote

Colorado Public Radio, February 27, 2019 » Read the news story

Message from the President – Special Session of General Conference 2019

February 26, 2019 » Read the message

Welcome to Journey

February 6, 2019 »  Read the message

Iliff’s statement regarding the Special Session of General Conference of The UMC

February 1, 2019 » Read the statement

Iliff alum pastor Nadia Bolz-Weber Gets ‘Shameless’ About Sex

NPR, January 13, 2019 » Read the news story

Iliff awarded a major grant for its Artificial Intelligence Institute

Press release, January 1, 2019 » Read the release


Channel 7 special – Finding Faith in our Colorado

Westword, December 23 and 25, 2018 » watch program

Singer-songwriter Jenny LaJoye is making room for people to listen

Westword, December 17, 2018 » read article

Preaching at the crossroads of faith and justice

In Trust magazine, October 2018 » read article

In Trust magazine, October 11, 2018 » read article

Elevation Outdoors magazine, September 2018 » read article

The Lewiston Review, September 7, 2018 » read article

“We cannot remain silent” – Miguel De La Torre

Politics Unplugged, Channel 7, September 2, 2018 » watch interview

Millennial Voices: Same-Sex Marriage in the Church

RMPBS-August 26, 2018 » read article

Tribal elder to discuss spiritual practices of American India

Reporter-Herald-August 16, 2018 » read article

Tom Wolfe Named IAMSCU President

General Board of Higher Education and Ministry release-August 16, 2018 » read release

Iliff – An Innovation Hub

InTrust Magazine, Summer Issue 2018 » read article

As other theology schools struggle, Denver’s Iliff uses social justice roots to stay resilient

Denver Post-June 22, 2018 » read article

Miguel De La Torre on Colorado Matters: Supreme Court Ruling on the Masterpiece Cakeshop Case

Colorado Matters-June 5, 2018 » read article

Iliff appoints new Director of the Alumni Office

Press release-May 31, 2018 » read release

lIiff partners with Disciples Seminary Foundation (DSF)

Press release-May 7, 2018 » read release

White Christian Colonialism Persists In Schools, Language, Politics, Iliff’s Tinker Says

Colorado Public Radio-May 2, 2018  » read article

North America’s First Female & Asian Theological Dean, Pastor Lee Bo Young

Korean Weekly Focus-April 26, 2018  » read article

Public Lecture: Rev. Dr. Edwin Aponte, Executive Director, Louisville Institute

Iliff-April 17, 2018 » aponte

‘Trails of Hope and Terror:’ Former Hope professor bringing his film to Holland

Holland Sentinel-April 13, 2018 » read article

What I thought I knew about solving problems

Centennial Citizen-March 27, 2018  » read article

“Dead Sea Scrolls” exhibit in Denver illuminates the mysterious origins of major world religions

Denver Post-March 12, 2018 » read here

An open letter from a new seminarian

Centennial Citizen-February 21, 2018 » read here

Iliff appoints new Director of the Office of Professional Formation

Press release-February 19, 2018 » read here

The cross section of Christian and gay

Denver Post -January 22, 2018 » read article

Colorado honors King in face of Trump

Denver Post -January 15, 2018 » read article



Iliff closes 125th year with a new focus on off-campus students

Washington Park Profile – November 2017 » read article

Profile story on Boyung Lee

5280 magazine – September 2017 » read article

KPFA 94.1 interviews Professor Antony Alumkal on his book

KPFA 94.1 – June 22, 2017 featuring Antony W. Alumkal, Associate Professor of Sociology of Religion » read article

Benefit performances for World Relief depict refugees’ experiences

The Fig Tree – May 01, 2017 » read article

Methodist court says first openly gay bishop is in violation of church law

Denver Post – April 28, 2017 featuring Catherine Kelsey, Dean of the Chapel and Spiritual Formation » read article

Openly gay bishop unsure of future

9 News – April 26, 2017 » read article

Iliff School of Theology welcomes bishop day after court hearing

Denver Post – April 26, 2017 » read article

Openly gay bishop at risk of losing job

9 News – April 25, 2017 featuring Thomas V. Wolfe, President Chief Executive Officer Bishop Henry White Warren Professor of Leadership and Ministry Praxis » read article

Jeffrey Mahan and the Cannabis Church – Living in an Era of Religious Experimentation

Colorado Public Radio – April 20, 2017 featuring Jeffrey H. Mahan, Ralph E. and Norma E. Peck Chair in Religion and Public Communication Professor of Ministry, Media and Culture » read article

Landmark King Speech Honored at The Riverside Church

– March 27, 2017 » read article

Scholars raise doubts about church’s future

United Methodist News – March 14, 2017 featuring Catherine Kelsey, Dean of the Chapel and Spiritual Formation » read article

Sanctuary movement for unauthorized immigrants in Colorado

Denver Post – March 12, 2017 » read article

Iliff Alum Rev. Jasper Peters and his new church Belong

Denver Post – March 05, 2017 » read article

Imam of largest U.S. mosque, Iliff graduate, returns to give talk on immigrant integration

Washington Park Profile – March 01, 2017 » read article

Jeffrey Mahan – Buddhism in Film

303 Magazine – January 09, 2017 featuring Jeffrey H. Mahan, Ralph E. and Norma E. Peck Chair in Religion and Public Communication Professor of Ministry, Media and Culture » read article

King spoke vehemently against Vietnam War

Philadelphia Tribune – January 04, 2017 featuring Thomas V. Wolfe, President Chief Executive Officer Bishop Henry White Warren Professor of Leadership and Ministry Praxis » read article


Tom Wolfe Profile 2016

Washington Park Profile – December 05, 2016 » read article

Community Voices: After the election, what does our future look like?

The Bakersfield Californian – November 11, 2016 featuring Miguel A. De La Torre, Professor of Social Ethics and Latinx Studies » read article

Different faiths gather to discuss healing the divide after the presidential election

Channel 7 News – November 10, 2016 » read article

How Colorado’s faith leaders minister in a divided election season

Denver Post – October 30, 2016 featuring Jennifer S. Leath, Assistant Professor of Religion and Social Justice » read article

Alumni Rev. Ronald Wooding’s documentary

Denver Post – October 13, 2016 » read article

Social action for indigenous people

Rocky Mountain Conference – October 12, 2016 » read article

Dr. Miguel De La Torre speaks on the theology of hopelessness

Brew Theology Podcast – October 10, 2016 » read article

Solar Panels at Iliff

Washington Park Profile – October 03, 2016 » read article

Funky neighborhood, entrepreneurs ‘Mix’ it up at White Rock Methodist

Advocate maagzine – Dallas, Texas – September 20, 2016 » read article

One Extraordinary Church

Public Broadcasting Station – September 16, 2016 » read article

Holding my nose and voting against my beliefs

Baptist Global News – September 15, 2016 » read article

Announcing ReConnection: Worship for Clergy and Other Servant Leaders

Sacred Stones Ministries – March 05, 2016 » read article