Dennis Saavedra Carquin-Hamichand (MDiv ’22) is in his second year at Iliff and focusing his study on Social Justice and Ethics.

In his current professional role, Dennis is a career advisor at a community college in New York City. He works with a diverse immigrant population in providing them with employment assistance. In that work, he recognizes the need to fight for equity in our society because of the significant economic disparity Black people, People of Color, and Queer communities face in accessing essential resources for survival. In his work, he seeks to change the current culture that reduces oppressed groups to numbers, stripping them of their humanity.

At Iliff, Dennis plans to use his time for identity re/formation, consciousness-raising, and discernment for his vocation. He knows he comes with a sexist and colonized mindset and wants to re/shape that mindset through intentional reflection and rigorous learning. In the one year he has spent at Iliff, he has found that it has the space and resources for him to develop his identity.

As part of the ongoing learning process, Dennis will be doing his internship at St. Stephens Episcopal Church in Aurora- he is looking forward to this opportunity.

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