Mina Nau, whose family hails from Tonga, did not have Iliff at the top of her list when she was applying for theological schools. In fact, it was fifth on her list. But through the recommendation (and persuasion) of a couple of her pastors, who are Iliff alumni, she decided to take a chance.

She recalled that during orientation, she became more certain of her decision when she heard Iliff President Tom Wolfe reminded students to “stay true to who you truly are.” While your perspectives will change as you learn along the way at Iliff, he advised them to be exactly who they are. This advice continues to ring true for her after until today.

As an Iliffian, Mina values the importance of self-care, not afraid to express her true feelings, and deeply appreciates her relationship with the faculty as a colleague and friend. “Every faculty and staff whose door is open, I would take my time to say hi to each and every one of them. That is how welcoming they are here at Iliff.”

She was further impressed that even President Wolfe is always “in community” with the students. For her, it says a lot about a leader’s commitment to students when he or she wants to stay connected with the community. “Who does that?”