Tinker Visiting Professorship and Student Mentoring

The Tinker Visiting Professorship was established last year in honor of Professor Emeritus Tink Tinker (wazhazhe/Osage Nation) who taught for 32 years at Iliff School of Theology. Supported by the Tink Tinker Program Endowment Fund, the Professorship is committed to continuing his work and honor his legacy. In addition to teaching two courses over the course of an academic year and participating in public presentations, the Tinker Visiting Professor will also mentor Native students during Gathering Days.

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Read about the conference “Redskin, Tanned Hide” on March 29, 2019, at Iliff.

Learn more about the conference “Erasing American Indian Genocide” on October 17, 2019, at Iliff.

Dr. Mark Freeland, (Sault St. Marie Anishinabek) Assistant Professor of American Indian Studies/American Indian Studies Program Coordinator at the South Dakota State University, is the first Tinker Visiting Professor for AY 2019-20. He will be offering online courses during the summer, and will be at Iliff during the fall and winter gathering days for student mentoring and public education programs.

For summer 2019, Dr. Freeland will be teaching the course – American Indian Culture and Ceremonies. This course will provide a framework of knowledge to better understand American Indian culture and ceremonies.  Starting from a theory of worldview, students will engage concepts to comprehend indigenous peoples relationships to land, time, and the rest of life.  They will investigate the role of ceremony in indigenous communities to be able to understand the contemporary role of on an annual cycle and in the everyday. This course will provide a foundation to understanding colonization, decolonization, and indigenization in our contemporary world.

Dr. Mark Freeland’s October 11 Presentation: