Interested in supervising an Iliff Intern?

Iliff School of Theology’s Office of Professional Formation partners with diverse church and community leaders to create meaningful Internships. We accept internship inquiries from potential sites and supervisors throughout the year. Students start researching potential internship sites annually in January, with internship placements confirmed in May.

Supervisory Expectations:

  • Primarily engage the professional formation of the student Intern by creating a supervisory relationship that focuses on the Intern’s learning and growth;

  • Provide meaningful work that supports student formation and contributes to the institution;

  • Meet with a student intern weekly for one-hour supervisory meetings focused on theological reflection, learning, and growth within a mentoring relationship;

  • Attend and participate in Iliff’s Supervisor training and provide two written evaluations of the intern;

  • Supervisors should have graduate-level training and/or significant ministry and/or leadership experience and be in a position to mentor interns into the field;

  • Supervisors should be well-established within their institutions or communities, and may not be in their first year at the institution, as we want you to focus on getting to know the community;

  • Supervisors may not be recent Iliff graduates, as there cannot be the actual or perceived experience that you had class together with an intern as a peer;

  • Supervisors who successfully complete their supervisory responsibilities have the opportunity to audit an Iliff course at no cost.


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