A message from Iliff’s President to the Iliff Community:

Our hearts are devastated by the mass shooting in Orlando early this morning. Fifty human beings were gunned down in an Orlando nightclub with others having suffered serious injury. Words cannot capture the depth of our collective grief. The site of the shooting was a place where members of the LGBT community, created community. And from what we know at this time, living in their full humanity this way made them targets and cost them their lives. It is reported that the shooter claimed allegiance to the so-called Islamic State. If this report is sustained, again, confusion will ensue about the true and peaceful nature of Islam. Much is at stake here. We join with those who grieve the deaths of their loved ones. In the days to come, we will no doubt hear the stories of the gifts each brought to their families and friends and through their work.

We join with all of those who will feel less secure in public spaces because of their religious identity or because of who they love. We are also mindful that the Iliff community is present in Orlando through the students who study with us from there. Other shootings have occurred very close to the Iliff campus. We know that feeling in very personal ways. May what we feel from our own experience transcend geography as we remember those who perished and wrap our arms around their loved ones and those who survived. Early this morning, we were reminded of our institutional commitments. At Iliff, our theological view extends to the margins. This is where our gaze needs to be.

Tom Wolfe