We are reading important texts written by Iliff faculty members over our first century. And we’re engaging in conversation as we read using the webtool hypothes.is.  Hypothes.is allows us to identify words, phrases, larger ideas and to comment on them in public. It then allows us to think further with each other by responding to the observations, questions, and comments of others.  Several Iliff faculty members use hypothes.is in student course assignments. It’s a significant way to engage with each other — if we take seriously our shared intent to understand and to develop further insight together through our commenting.
Transforming a Legacy … by taking it seriously!
To pay attention to earlier generations.
To let their words challenge us.
To take their ideas further
To put those idea in tension with what has been discovered since they were written–
THAT is our project celebrating our 125th anniversary.  
Each Wednesday a new text will be posted. You are encouraged to return each week. To read. To engage. To build insight for the next century. 

Charles Edwin Schofield

Charles Edwin Schofield was inaugurated as Iliff’s next president in November 1934. He served until 1942, a period in which a number of University of Chicago graduates were brought into the Iliff faculty.

He was a well-respected clergyman in Colorado who had been campus minister in Fort Collins, served important Methodist congregations and was a District Superintendent when he was selected by the Trustees to lead Iliff. He brought a needed capacity to preach the theological views characterized by young faculty members such as William H. Bernhardt, bridging between academy and church.

His basic approach is characterized in his installation address, An Adequate Fatih, scanned here from his manuscript now in the archives.

Questions you might comment on as you annotate include noting where you see our current core values reflecting similar or different concerns to those Schofield addressed.

Click here to read and annotate “An Adequate Faith” by Charles Edwin Schofield. (Updated link!)


Hypothes.is: about the tool we’ll be using to annotate together

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