January 1, 2019


DENVER, CO. – Iliff School of Theology has been awarded a $425,000 grant from the Henry Luce Foundation to support its artificial intelligence (AI) initiative in researching the building of a sustainable hybrid future for humans and machines. The grant has been approved through the Luce Fund for Theological Education, an initiative of the Foundation’s Theology Program.

“We are extremely pleased that the Henry Luce Foundation has awarded us the grant to support our AI initiative,” said Rev. Dr. Tom Wolfe, Iliff’s President and CEO. “Innovation is one of the strategic drivers of Iliff’s commitment to bring new ideas in expanding the understanding of theological education. We are deeply grateful to the Henry Luce Foundation for its generosity in supporting our vision for the future.”

Iliff’s Artificial Intelligence Institute is focused on exploring and creating new experimental models of teaching, learning, and applications of AI technologies through collaborative partnerships with experts in the industry and government. The Institute builds on several years of research work by Iliff’s technology team and faculty on machine learning and theology/digital humanities.

In addition to hosting an annual AI conference on the coexistence of humans and machines, the Institute will also introduce a curriculum on AI using a theological anthropology lens, launch a new platform for AI and theological scholarship, and develop an open source toolkit for scholars exploring the intersection of theological anthropology and AI.

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