March 29, 2019


DENVER, CO. – Iliff School of Theology is pleased to announce a course partnership with the Regis University Master of Nonprofit Management (MNM) Program. This partnership, which is a one-year pilot agreement between the two institutions, will allow Iliff students to take online or residential courses for Iliff credit from the MNM program.

Courses being offered in the Regis MNM program include Grant Writing, Conflict Resolution, History/Theory/Future of Nonprofits, and Program Development & Accountability. At the same time, Regis MNM students will be able to enroll in select courses at Iliff for credit at their institution.

“We are engaging in this pilot experiment to help prepare Iliff students for nonprofit leadership and ministry,” said Dr. Kristina Lizardy-Hajbi, Director of the Office of Professional Formation and Coordinator of the Iliff-Regis course partnership. “If this next year is successful, we will explore future possibilities for partnership to offer even greater opportunities for our students.

“Students are increasingly exploring paths for leadership and ministry through various nonprofit sectors,” added Lizardy-Hajbi. “Iliff wants to be on the forefront of equipping these students with the knowledge and skills they need to thrive in these settings. It is a critical component of their professional formation.”

Students will be able to enroll in up to two courses at Regis University this next academic year using Iliff independent study credit. Details regarding how Iliff students may enroll in Regis MNM courses will be provided before fall registration

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