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Iliff School of Theology
2323 East Iliff Avenue
Denver, CO 80210


Visitor parking is available in the B lot. Parking is $1.50 per hour, to a maximum of $8.00 per day. On-street paid parking is also available on Gaylord Street just north of East Iliff Avenue. The parking garage at the Newman Center (the P lot) is also available, and can be accessed off of East Wesley Avenue between South University and South York Street. For more parking information, including a map, click here.


Rev. Tom Barlow
Iliff School of Theology

Join us for Renewal 2018! 

Monday, February 5 at 8:00am to Wednesday, February 7 at 1:00pm (Add to Calendar)

Alumni, students, faculty, staff and friends of Iliff will gather to discuss, rest, and heal from issues facing our region, nation, and world. We will engage important topics, learn about new possibilities, eat great food, experience moving worship, hear about exciting new initiatives, and celebrate the highlights along the way.

Registration for Renewal 2018 includes:

  • Nationally acclaimed speakers discussing issues of racial justice, transformative relationships, and spiritual practice. More information about our scheduled speakers may be found below.
  • Presentations featuring rigorous scholarship from Iliff Faculty, Alumni, Students and Staff.
  • Iliff Scholars Book Fair with presentations from some of Iliff’s great authors.
  • Monday Evening Reception with heavy refreshments.
  • Worship Services on Monday and Tuesday, with sermons from Rev. Dr. Boyung Lee (Iliff’s Academic Dean and Professor of Practical Theology), and Rev. Dr. Ruben Arjona (Assistant Professor of Pastoral Theology and Care).
  • The Winter Jameson Jones worship service on Wednesday, featuring the Rev. Dr. Jacqui Lewis as the preacher, with a community meal following the service.

Scheduled Speakers & Presentations

Dr. Tink Tinker

(wazhazhe, Osage Nation)
Clifford Baldridge Professor of American Indian Cultures and Religious Traditions
Plenary Speaker: Red Skin, Tanned Hide: A Theology of Trophy Hunting—Colonial Romance and christian Denial

Rev. Dr. Rita Nakashima Brock

Senior Vice President for Moral Injury Programs at Volunteers of America
Plenary Speaker: Moral Injury, Soul Repair, and Spirit-Based Movements


Rev. Tawana Davis & Rev. Dr. Dawn Riley Duval
Workshop: Facing Racism: Loving Self and Each Other Into a Liberative Future

Rev. Dr. Tom Wolfe

President & Chief Executive Officer, Iliff
Bishop Henry White Warren Professor of Leadership and Ministry Praxis
Plenary Conversation with Dr. Tink Tinker regarding Red Skin, Tanned Hide; Renewal, SIFR, and ReSource: Overview with Rev. Tom Barlow

Rev. Kerry Greenhill

MDiv, Iliff 2005
Ordained Deacon, United Methodist Church
Founding Member: Sacred Stones Ministries

Workshop: Claiming Wholeness through Prayer and Action

Dr. Elizabeth Coody

MA, Iliff 2009
PhD, Iliff & DU Joint Doctoral Program, 2015
Communications Coordinator & Director of the Iliff Writing Lab

Presentation: One-Hour Comics to Stoke the Scholarly Imagination

Rev. Trudy Robinson

MDiv, Iliff 1998
Ordained Elder, United Methodist Church
Senior Pastor, Littleton United Methodist Church
Panel: Church and Community Partnerships

Rev. Mitchell Boone

MDiv, Iliff 2012
Ordained Elder, United Methodist Church
Pastor, White Rock UMC
Panel: Church and Community Partnerships

Fr. Teri Harroun

MDiv, Iliff 2009
Priest, Ecumenical Catholic Communion
Light of Christ Ecumenical Catholic Community
Panel: Church and Community Partnerships

Rachel Pater

MA, Iliff 2013
Founder, Richmond Story House
Presentation: Storytelling Will Save Us

Rev. Dr. Carrie Doehring

Professor of Pastoral Care and Counseling
Fishbowl Conversation: Exploring Moral Injury and Stress

Caran Ware Joseph

MDiv, Iliff 2012
Director of Human Resources, Iliff; Former Director of Alumni Relations
Wednesday Morning Faculty Panel (Moderator)

Dr. Ted Vial

Professor of Theology and Modern Western Religious Thought
Wednesday Morning Faculty Panel (Panelist)

Rev. Dr. Miguel De La Torre

Professor of Social Ethics and Latinx Studies
Wednesday Morning Faculty Panel (Panelist)

Dr. Mark George

Professor of Bible and Ancient Systems of Thought
Wednesday Morning Faculty Panel (Panelist)

Dr. Jenny Whitcher

Term Assistant Professor of Religion & Public Life
Wednesday Morning Faculty Panel (Panelist)

Dr. Amy Erickson

Associate Professor of Hebrew Bible
Wednesday Morning Faculty Panel (Panelist)

Tom Barlow

Director of the SIFR Initiative & ReSource at Iliff
Renewal, SIFR, and ReSource: Overview with Dr. Tom Wolfe

Preach It!

Rev. Dr. Boyung Lee

Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs & Dean of the Faculty
Professor of Practical Theology
Opening Worship & Installation – Monday

Rev. Dr. Rubén Arjona

Rev. Dr. Jacqui Lewis

Senior Minister, Middle Collegiate Church
Author & Speaker on racial reconciliation
Co-founder of The Middle Project
Jameson Jones Preacher – Wednesday

Students Bring It!

Iliff students were invited to submit their ideas for brief presentations regarding their work at Iliff. These three were chosen to present at the Renewal Conference.

Mary Raynard

MTS Student, anticipated graduation 2019
Life after Life: Reflections on the Value of Theological Studies (and Iliff)
“Iliff has helped me negotiate this new chapter of my life, has fundamentally changed my outlook and orientation, and has helped me identify constructive purpose and direction – all of which provide meaning and, hopefully, positive impact in the world.”

Georgia Metz

MDiv Student, anticipated graduation 2019
Thinking about Healthy and Sustainable Faith in Youth and Young Adults
“I will argue that it is not specific programs that churches need but an atmosphere that cultivates faith while encouraging questions and even doubt.”

Lila Docken Bauman

MDiv Student, anticipated graduation 2019
One-on-One Activism
“The power of engaging injustice & conflict from a place of goodness.”

Iliff Scholars Book Fair & Opening Reception

Connect with each other during our Opening Reception, and take time to chat with these Iliff folks regarding their recent publications!

Dr. Antony Alumkal

Paranoid Science: The Christian Right’s War on Reality

Dr. Miguel De La Torre

Faith and Resistance in the Age of Trump and Embracing Hopelessness

Dr. Carrie Doehing

The Practice of Pastoral Care, Revised and Expanded Edition: A Postmodern Approach

Rev. Kerry Greenhill

A Child Laughs: Prayers of Justice & Hope (Edited by Mankin & Tirabassi)

Dr. Eunjoo Mary Kim

Christian Preaching and Worship in Multicultural Contexts: A Practical Theological Approach

Dr. Jeffrey Mahan

Religion and Popular Culture in America, Third Edition

Dr. Eric Smith

Jewish Glass and Christian Stone: A Materialist Mapping of the “Parting of the Ways”

Dr. Katherine Turpin

Drama Tweens: Engaging the Bible with Younger Adolescents

Dr. Jane Vennard

Teaching?The Sacred Art: The Joy of Opening Minds and Hearts

Dr. Larry Kent Graham, represented by Dr. Carrie Doehring

Moral Injury: Restoring Wounded Souls

The Bearded Theologians Podcast 

If you have any reflections on the topics we cover during Renewal, the Bearded Theologians would love to chat with you! They will be recording their podcast on campus during the event, and sharing the results later through Look for their base of operations on the main floor of the Library.