From our students, faculty, and staff


Student Theses

Master of Theological Studies


Celeste Callahan
On Why Mama Made Us Nap On Good Friday: A Theology of Atonement

Jill Trauring Fleishman
“Creating a Little Bit of Justice On This Continent”: American Indian Nations’ Lesson

Casey Flynn
Stance Matters: Interdisciplinary Bias and Retrieval in the Discourse Concerning the Apophasis of Dionysius the Areopagite

Kyle Hudson
Christianity in the Third Reich: A Warning to American Christians

Christopher Watkins Lamb
Land and Body: Engaging Systemic Oppression, Trauma, and Disconnection through Ecochaplaincy

Sarah O’Brien
Toward a Feminist Religious Naturalism

Jesse Perkins
Process Theology of Disability: Searching for a practical theology of process for the

Kyle Ramsey-Sumner
Is Animal Theology Liberative?: What We Can Learn from the Politics of Total Liberation and the Animal Liberation Front

Brandan Robertson
Forward: A Case for Inclusion

Joint Ph.D. Program in Religious and Theological Studies

Iliff School of Theology and the University of Denver Dissertations


Kenneth Geter
Missed Appropriations: Uncovering Heidegger’s Debt to Kierkegaard in Being and Time

Elizabeth Ryan Hall
“Maybe Jesus Was Suicidal Too”: A Qualitative Inquiry Into Religion and Spirituality in
Suicide Attempts

Linda Jane Hansen
Aztec Human Sacrifice as Entertainment? The Physio-Psycho-Social Rewards of Aztec Sacrificial Celebrations

Hannah Kristine Adams Ingram
The Myth of the Saving Power of Education: A Practical Theological Approach

Andriette Jordan-Fields
Why Does The Caged Bird Sing? A Phenomenological Analysis of the African American Clergywoman and Her Plight in Black Churches: An Ethical Dilemma

Emily Kahm
Catholic Girls All Grown Up: A Practical Theological Exploration of Sexuality Formation in Young Adult Women

Scott Ronald Moore
A Conviction of Texts Not Seen: Perceiving Exodus as the Generative Text of Hebrews

Gil Rosenberg
Ancestral Queerness: Normativity and Deviance in the Abraham and Sarah Narratives

Jesse Workman
Phenomenology and Blindness: Merleau-Ponty, Levinas, and an Alternative Metaphysical Vision

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2017 Adjunct Faculty Bibliography


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2017 Staff Bibliography


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