Annual Support

Total Operating Revenues & Breakdown

1. Methodist Education Fund $739K

2. Student Grants $495K

3. Annual Fund $373K

4. Budget-Relieving Gifts $262K

5. Endowment Gifts $119K

6. Annual Scholarship $66K

1. Tuition & Fees $4,112K

2. Gifts & Grants $1,586K

3. Scholarships & Program Support from Endowment $832K

4. Unrestricted Operating Funds From Endowment $654K

5. Housing & Miscellaneous $322K

1. Instruction, Research & Library $4,739K

2. General Operations* $2,119K

3. Facilities, Maintenance & Preservation $588K

4. Student Housing $57K

*This includes, but is not limited to non-curricular student programs and support, student and alumni resources, community accessibility and engagement.

Figures are based on in-house, end-of-year accounting. Audited results are available upon request after November 2017.