1. What excites you about Iliff?

The school’s long known commitments to social justice embodied in every part of the community: top notch and diverse faculty, high quality students, committed staff who clearly show their ownership of school’s vision, and forward thinking degree programs and curriculum.

2. Who has been influential in your outlook of life?

My parents who live a life committed to making this world a better place that works for everyone, and who taught me to look around to make sure that the voice and humanity of people at the bottom of the social ordering are recognized. My mentors and colleagues, especially ones at PANAAWTM (Pacific, Asian, and North American Asian Women in Theology and Ministry) who firmly believe in academic excellence for social justice, and embody communal engagement that we thrive TOGETHER though supporting one another.

3. What brings you joy?

My two young adult stepchildren who fill my life with pride, love, gratitude and groundedness, and students who are committed to co-creating hospitable learning journeys by being open to new knowings, challenges, dislocations, disruptions and transformations.


Rev. Dr. Boyung Lee is proud in describing herself as a feminist communitarian educator. She takes the meaning of the word, “education” very seriously [Latin’s e (out) + ducare (to lead) = “to lead out.”].

To her, education is helping people find truth that is already within them. “It is helping people to remember what they know and to reflect critically on this in their present life contexts in and through communal process. Through communal education we, who lead and are led, develop something new for the future together, particularly a more just world that works for EVERYONE.”

Rev. Dr. Lee sees that women have been practicing communal wisdom-creating and sharing for ages, despite their historic lack of access to formal education. “Women’s ways of knowing have so much to offer for our world where individualism, competitiveness, and profit-driven neoliberal ideologies dictate our current society.”

As the first Korean-American woman dean in the Association of United Methodist Theological Schools, Rev. Dr. Lee’s theological and scholarly pursuit is fueled by a commitment to social justice. Throughout her career, she strives to embody her commitment in her leadership and pedagogical practices.

Iliff is pleased to welcome Rev. Dr. Boyung Lee to the position of Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs and Dean of the Faculty.