What is the Legacy Society?

The Iliff Legacy Society honors alumni/ae and friends who wish to express their cherished beliefs, deeply held values, and love for Iliff’s mission by making provision for Iliff’s future through their last will and testament, a charitable gift annuity, life insurance policy, trust, or other legacy gift planning arrangement. Legacy Society members recognize the importance of long-range planning that ensures the longevity of programs from which they have benefited or value. They recognize the benefit of preparing students for transformational leadership. We salute the members of the Iliff Legacy Society both living and deceased, who give us an example of their own love for progressive theological education and their trust in Iliff to provide it for generations to come.

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Legacy Society

If you have or would like to include Iliff in your estate plans, please contact Kelsey Cochrane at kcochrane@ililff.edu or 303-765-3163

* Staff and Faculty | ** Board of Trustees | + Deceased

Laura May and Herbert (Herb) Bacon

The Rev. Charles ’86 and Mrs. Jackie L. Bader

The Rev. Walter E.+ ’67 and Charlotte Bailey

The Rev. William (Bill) E.+ ’64 and Mrs. Sue Ellen Ballard

David R. and Lt. Col. Christy Baum

The Rev. Dr. Bonita (Bonnie) L. Benda ’78, ’83 and The Rev. Bill Roy Kirton

The Rev. Eugene ’76 and Mrs. Barbara Nowlen Beye

Ann and Robert Blessin

Dr. Louis+ and Mrs. Mary Lou Bloede

The Rev. Dr. Walter J.+ ’53, ’61 and Patricia (Pat) A. Boigegrain

Donna Bates Boucher**

The Rev. Dr. Betty Jo Bradford ’99, ’06 and Mr. Lance Cain

Dr. Delwin (Del)+ and Dr. Nancy J. Brown

The Rev. Virginia (Ginny) Carey Chase ’92, ’95

The Rev. Dr. Robert F.+ ’53 and Mrs. Lois Clazie

The Rev. Ray ’59 and Dawnia Clements

Calhoun (Cal) Cox

The Rev. Robert+ ’43 and Mrs. Barbara Neighbors Deal

The Rev. Richard N. Dearing ’62, ’71

The Rev. Jordan+ ’51, ’53 and Mrs. Jeanne Detzer

Susan (Sue) M. and James (Jim)+ Duncan

The Rev. Doris Dunn ’86, ’88

The Rev. Lonnie R. ’67 and Terry Eakle

Dr. Pamela (Pam) M. Eisenbaum* and Dr. Mark K. George*

The Rev. Thomas (Tom) M. ’65 and Lillian (Lil) English

Mrs. Lee Palmer and Dr. H. Edward (Ed)+ Everding

The Rev. Robert+ ’57 and Dr. Esther Elaine Fleenor

The Rev. Dr. John P. ’65, ’79 and The Rev. Jean H. Foreman ’85

Dr. Gerald+ ’57 and Florence Forshey

Terry Fowler ’89 and Catherine Ritchie

Anita A. ’85 and Richard L. Fricklas

Darwin and A. Carlynne+ Gano

The Rev. Richard ’68 and Yvon Gay

The Rev. Donald (Don) L. ’57 and Carole L. Germain

The Rev. Linda ’91 and Mr. Dennis Gertenbach

The Rev. Charles D. ’66 and Mrs. Alta L. Gilbert

The Rev. Dr. John C. ’46, ’59 and Mrs. Roberta Gingerich

Greta P. and Michael P. Gloven

Galen Lee Goldsmith ’91

Mr. Robert (Bob) W. and Tricia Graf

Mrs. Rhondda and Mr. William (Peter) W.** Grant

The Rev. Kathleen (Kathy) M. Haley ’98

The Rev. Dr. T. William (Bill) ’46 and Mrs. Ruth Hall

The Rev. Dr. Earl K. ’52, ’78 and Mrs. Rhonda K. Hanna

Karen Frances Hansen ’93

The Rev. James (Jim) H. ’76 and Linda E. Harris

The Rev. Jane C. ’78 and William H.+ Hays

The Rev. Ronald (Ron) ’66 and Patricia (Pat) Hodges

Marsena (Mars) Rainbow Holsopple*

The Rev. William (Bill) R. ’55 and Ann Iiams

The Rev. Jane Harlowe Keener-Quiat ’86 and Andrew (Andy) L.** Quiat

The Rev. Dr. Catherine (Cathie) L. Kelsey* and Dr. Terrence (Terry) N. Tice

Noble+ ’46 and Dr. Mary W. Kime

The Rev. Genie H. ’82 and Gary Kistler

The Rev. Kay E. Krebs ’06

R. Peter (Pete) and Diane Kufeke

Dr. Arnold R.+ ’50 and Mary H. Lewis

The Rev. Leslie (Les) L. ’95 and Betty Ludlam

The Rev. Dale+ ’56 and Marjorie M. Luther

Dr. Jeffrey H.* and The Rev. L. Louise Mahan

David and Charlotte Maldonado

Dr. Joretta L. Marshall ’80 and Joy Allen

Bishop Calvin (Cal) D. ’54 and Velma McConnell

The Rev. Rodger McDaniel ’99

Mr. Richard (Dick) D. and Verna+ McMillen

The Rev. Dr. Linda Ann McMillen ’02

Robert+ and Dolores Meader

Dr. Bonnie and Dr. Donald (Don) E. Messer

The Rev. Clair E.+ ’55 and Phyllis Mitchell

The Rev. Dr. Nobuko ’78 and Robert (Bob) Karl Miyake-Stoner ’96

The Rev. Darrell Eugene and India Mount

Dr. Stanley Mullen

The Rev. Donna ’86 and Dr. Paul Newendorp

Kim Patmore** and Thomas (Tom) A. Haller

The Rev. Dr. Sharyl Bender ’97 and Robert (Bob) Peterson

Dr. Richard (Dick) L. ’60 and Ethel Phillips

Sally Ponfick ’81, ’87

Mr. Victor (Vic) and Marilyn (Lynne)+ Quinn

Dr. Robert P. ’52, ’55 and Marjorie Robinson

Dr. Richard Rossiter ’84

Rebecca (Becky) Rouse ’06

The Rev. Eugene (Gene) B.+ ’53 and Madeline L. Rowbotham

The Rev. Jay ’88 and Dr. Kristen A. Rundell

Anita Sanborn** and Robert (Bob) Thomson

Kent M. Savage ’66

The Rev. Albert (Al) Scarffe ’49

The Rev. Paul ’62 and Elaine J. Scheibner

The Rev. Dr. Scott Jay Schiesswohl ’85, ’06

Lee and Dolores Schlessman

The Rev. Dr. Douglas (Doug) W. ’88 and Jan Slaughter

Dr. Shirley Heckman+ ’67 and Dr. Clarence H. Snelling

Mr. C. Orville Strohl+ ’34 and Mrs. Marjorie Stroh

Ebenezer B. Sunanda+ ’63, ’67 and Rosa Pareja de Sunanda

Dr. Glendora (Dusty) D. Taylor ’76, ’80

Dr. J. Alton+ ’53, ’56 and Dorothy Jean Templin ’54

The Rev. John C. Thompson ’72

Dr. Thomas H. and Mrs. Merle M. Troeger

The Rev. James (Jim) Laurie and The Rev. Jane E. Vennard

The Rev. Marilyn Klinger ’88 and Philip (P.K.) Ware

The Rev. Fletcher (Fletch) ’66 and Shirley Wideman

Dr. Dana W. and Linda Wilbanks

Suzanne (Suzy) Iliff** and J. L. (Cap) Witzler

The Rev. Dr. Thomas (Tom) V.* and The Rev. Marilyn N. Wolfe

Mr. J. Robert (Bob) Young