Throughout our 125-year history, a critical element in Iliff’s success has been its ability to listen and stay relevant in a changing world. The 2016-2017 fiscal year was no exception, as we marked the year with several key milestones, a selection of which I am extremely pleased to share in this report.


  • It has been a banner year for our fundraising efforts, which yielded a total of more than $1.3 million (not including Methodist Education Fund contributions), an impressive 21% gain over the previous year.
  • Employee giving hit an all-time record with 81% of staff and faculty supporting the school.
  • We raised our profile nationally by partnering with the Riverside Church in New York City and the Veterans of Hope Project to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King’s “Beyond Vietnam” sermon, which was co-written by our own late Professor Emeritus Dr. Vincent Harding.
  • We welcomed an outstanding new academic dean Rev. Dr. Boyung Lee, whose theological and scholarly pursuit is fueled by a commitment to social justice.
  • In recognition of his more than 30 years of activism and scholarship at Iliff, we will honor Professor Tink Tinker for his uncompromising service.

These milestones reflect only a few of the many achievements of our faculty, staff, and students that have moved Iliff forward in making unprecedented social impacts in the lives of people we are serving in the community.

With this momentum, we are looking forward to the coming year. With the creativity, imagination, and dedication of our faculty, staff, and students, and your continued support and commitment, IIiff is poised for new and exciting opportunities in the coming year.

As the world changes, we continue to develop our ability to prepare leaders who will walk closer to those places where people are experiencing fractured communities and brokenness.

Blessings as we walk together.


Rev. Dr. Thomas V. Wolfe, President and Chief Executive Officer

Our Core Values

Academic Engagment

  • We are a learning community that engages the whole person through mind, body, and spirit.
  • We value scholarship and the integration of theory and experience.
  • We value our progressive theological heritage and how it finds expression in emerging forms of pedagogy and practice.
  • We are an incubator for innovation.

Relational Respect

  • We promote honesty and transparency and maintain healthy relationships when in tension.
  • We strive to involve all affected constituents in decision-making processes.

Intersectional Accountability

  • We value the differences in our community.
  • We align ourselves with social justice, equality, and wholeness.
  • We strive to take care of each other as we journey together.

Dynamic Spirituality

  • We value the creative and inspirational nature of our work: spiritual, intellectual, and vocational.
  • We celebrate theological discernment and spiritual depth.
  • Our core values arise out of our United Methodist heritage.