Bishop Henry White Warren, one of the founders of Iliff, espoused the progressive ideals and values that have defined and shaped the Iliff educational experience through the years.

While the cornerstone was being laid, he spoke about his vision of Iliff’s restless spirit. Here is an excerpt from the 1895 article, available for download here: Henry White Warren- -The Progress of Doctrine.

Photo of the 1895 article“The Iliff School of Theology has been established to promote Progress in Doctrine and experience. It is based on the best that it may rise to some future better than any present best.”

“In doctrine it fears no criticism, courts always an advance, God’s thoughts are yet as high above ours as the heavens are above the earth.” “There are great crises of advance in the lives of nations. There should be in the lives of individuals. Certainly there is room, as certainly there is power. Be possessed of the possibility. Study the means. It is thoroughly believed that any great mental achievement must be based on spiritual insight, perfect purity of purpose for one’s self, a heart of sympathy, a hand of help for others, and an eye single to the glory of God.”