Our Future

We continue to follow the vision of a communal plan for our future. During the 2014-2015 academic year, the community of the Iliff School of Theology committed to a year of active discernment that led to a new strategic plan. The first phase of the plan is a three-year cycle that will take us through 2018. Led by President Tom Wolfe through a collaborative visioning process, the community was able to create a collective call to action. In brief, the group determined seven areas of strategic focus:

  1. Sustaining and Enhancing Academic Excellence
  2. Attracting and Graduating a Diverse, Meaningfully Engaged, High-Achieving Student Body
  3. Preparing and Sustaining Graduates in Lives of Leadership and Service
  4. Discerning the Role of Faith, Community, and Academic Leaders as Stewards of the Relationship of a Complex World
  5. Identifying New Paradigms Impacting Traditional and Emerging Faith Communities
  6. Financing Our Future
  7. Internal Operations

Here's a Look Back at the Key Milestones


Elizabeth Iliff Warren announces an offer of $100,000 to endow a theological school


The Iliff School of Theology formally opens, affiliated with the University of Denver


Iliff incorporated as an independent institution from the University of Denver


Accreditation by the newly formed American Association of Theological Schools


Ira J. Taylor Library opens with 45,000 volumes


Accreditation by the Higher Learning Commission as a professional doctoral degree-granting institution


Joint inauguration by Iliff and the University of Denver of the PhD in Religious and Theological Studies degree program


Dedication of the $3.6 million Bacon Education Center, which includes a 15,000 square foot addition to the Ira J. Taylor Library


Launch of the Journey program, the premier progressive flexible residency MDiv in America


Establishment of the Spiritually-Integrated Financial Resiliency (SIFR) Initiative. SIFR Scholars commit to a three-course sequence of classes in finance and leadership


Under the leadership of Tom Wolfe, the community of the Iliff School of Theology committed to a year of active discernment that led to a new strategic plan


Ira J. Taylor Library renews a partnership with the University of Denver libraries to increase available resources many thousandfold


Installation of the 352 panel solar array complete, which offsets 65% of our annual electrical use. Click to watch an aerial video of this project.


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