1. Annual and Scholarship Fund Gifts & Grants $811K

2. Capital Gifts $785K

3. Endowment Gifts $636K

4. Methodist Educational Fund $764K

5. Student Designated Grants $577K

1. Tuition & Fees $3,872K

2. Gifts & Grants $1,517K

3. Unrestricted Operating Funds From Endowment $801K

4. Scholarships & Program Support from Endowment $587K

5. Housing & Miscellaneous $312K

5. Program Support From Endowment $47K

1. Instruction & Library $4,571K

2. General Institutional Services $2,009K

3. Facilities $493K

4. Student Housing & Services $63K

Figures are based on in-house accounting as of June 2018 and are unaudited.
Final audit conclusions will be available after November 2018. If interested, please contact us for more details.


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If you have any questions or need any help with ways to support Iliff, please contact Kelsey Cochrane at 303-765-3163, or kcochrane@iliff.edu 

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