“Our goal is nothing less than setting a new course for theological education.” – Rev. Dr. Thomas V. Wolfe

Our imaginations are stirring in meaningful ways at Iliff. We have moved past the traditional question often asked, “What have we accomplished?” Instead, we are embracing a new set of questions that point us more purposefully toward our responsibility in the world…

“What change has impacted us and how do we account for it?” “What change have we created as an institution that is our contribution to the future of theological education?” “What new capacities have we developed that cause us to claim the spirit of our institution in new ways?” Theological education is being called to stand in its full stature and seek new relationships through which it will continue to address the deep questions and overwhelming brokenness that reside in the world. In the midst of the rapid change touching each of us, Iliff is walking closer to it, inquiring of it, and learning from it. Change, as our teacher, has stirred our spirit for growth and strengthened our capacity to imagine new ways to prepare students and be a resource in newly created partnerships. Our goal is nothing less than setting a new course for theological education. Enjoy this Year in Review. You are part of Iliff’s growth and strength. I invite you to continue to be with us in stirring the imagination. Gratefully, Rev. Thomas V. Wolfe, Ph.D. President and Chief Executive Office


Our Core Values

Academic Engagment

  • We are a learning community that engages the whole person through mind, body, and spirit.
  • We value scholarship and the integration of theory and experience.
  • We value our progressive theological heritage and how it finds expression in emerging forms of pedagogy and practice.
  • We are an incubator for innovation.

Relational Respect

  • We promote honesty and transparency and maintain healthy relationships when in tension.
  • We strive to involve all affected constituents in decision-making processes.

Intersectional Accountability

  • We value the differences in our community.
  • We align ourselves with social justice, equality, and wholeness.
  • We strive to take care of each other as we journey together.

Dynamic Spirituality

  • We value the creative and inspirational nature of our work: spiritual, intellectual, and vocational.
  • We celebrate theological discernment and spiritual depth.
  • Our core values arise out of our United Methodist heritage.


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