Innovators’ Society ($10,000 +)

Technological Innovation: $30,000 provides improved live-streaming services for chapel and technology that connects online learners with on campus events.

* Staff and Faculty | ** Board of Trustees | + Deceased

Association of Theological Schools
Jenny and Greg** Baldwin Charitable Fund
Katherine (Kathy) Sharp Borgen ‘00, Borgen Family Foundation
Donna Bates Boucher
The Rev. Dorothy (Dotty) A. Creager+
V. Eugene and Rosalie DeFreitas Charitable Foundation
Susan (Sue) M.** and James (Jim)+ Duncan
Esgar Foundation
Mrs. Lee Palmer** and Dr. H. Edward (Ed)+ Everding
First Plymouth Foundation
General Board of Higher Education & Ministry
General Commission on Religion and Race of The United Methodist Church
The Rev. Jane+ C. ‘78 and William+ H. Hays
Rollie R. Kelley Family Foundation
Magee Christian Education Foundation
Mr. Richard+ (Dick) D. and Verna+ McMillen
Kim Patmore** and Thomas (Tom) A. Haller
The Timothy G. Pfeifer** Charitable Gift Fund
Schlessman Family Foundation
George** and Mary Sissel
Dr. Shirley+ Heckman ‘67 and Dr. Clarence+ H. Snelling
Transforming Chaplaincy Project
Dan ‘07 and Elizabeth (Beth) Ann Whittemore
The Rev. Dr. Thomas V.* and The Rev. Marilyn N. Wolfe

Founders’ Society ($1,892 to $9,999)

Student Focus: $6,000 underwrites five first-year JOURNEY students, so they can come take short-term classes at Iliff’s historic campus.

* Staff and Faculty | ** Board of Trustees | + Deceased  |  Evergreen Members

Sue Anschutz-Rodgers
Barbara+ and Dennis** Baldwin
Dr. Louis+ and Mrs. Mary Lou Bloede
Jeffrey Bowman Heart Fund
The Phyllis M. Coors Foundation
Dr. Thomas (Tom)** and Susan Craine
Divisions of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences at the University of Denver
Dr. Carrie E. Doehring* and The Rev. Dr. George Peter Magnuson
Dr. Pamela (Pam) M. Eisenbaum* and Dr. Mark K. George*
Andrew (Andy)** and Kim Folkerth
Mrs. Rhondda** and Mr. William (Peter) W. Grant
Robert ‘72 and Katherine Haines
Scott Halford**
Ethel M. Hall+
The Rev. Dr. Naomi Olivia Harris** ‘04 ‘12
Dr. Alberto (Albert)* and Theresa Hernandez
Virginia W. Hill Foundation
The Rev. Martin ‘71 and Nancy Holler
William Robert Jeavons ‘12
Barbara Kelley**
The Rev. Dr. Catherine (Cathie) L. Kelsey* and Dr. Terrence (Terry) N. Tice
The Rev. Dr. Boyung Lee*
C. Bennett (Ben)** and Barbara Lewis
Janet** and Bob Manning
Barbara McDonnell**
Brian** and Deborah Mooney
Young Sun Pahk ‘90 and Dr. Young Taek Hong ‘87 ‘93
Rocky Mountain Conference United Methodist Foundation
Dr. Robert P. ‘52 ‘55 and Marjorie+ Robinson
Rocky Mountain Conference of The United Methodist Church
Saint Lawrence Foundation
Anita Sanborn** and Robert (Bob) Thomson
Silvio Tavares**
Trinity United Methodist Church, Denver
University of Denver
Caran Lee Ware Joseph* ‘12
James (Jim) M.** and Scotty+ Wilkins
Suzanne (Suzy) Iliff** and J. L. (Cap) Witzler
Dr. David* ‘13 and Sara Worley

The most exciting thing about Iliff is its transformation in the past few years. It has evolved to become not just a top-tier school of theology, but a think-tank of diverse minds and voices for the future issues that face our world. I’m thrilled to be an up-close witness.
I have always been impressed with the openness of the faculty and their involvement with the wider community. The diverse range of cultural and religious backgrounds provide the students with an exceptional start to their careers.

John Wesley Iliff Society ($1,000 to $1,891)

Faculty Research: $1,200 grants allow our core faculty to research around the world and gain useful insights to take home to enrich their classrooms and publications.

* Staff and Faculty | ** Board of Trustees | + Deceased  |  Evergreen Members

Robert (Rob) Armstrong
The Rev. Megan M. Armstrong ‘07
Dr. Kelly ‘11 and Nitu Arora
The Rev. Dr. Howard ‘60 ‘63 and Kay Bailey
Lt. Col. Christy and David Baum
Best In Nature Diamond Nutriceutical, Inc.
Barbara E. Blanton Greene
The Rev. Dr. Walter+ J. ‘53 ‘61 and Patricia Boigegrain
The Rev. Dr. Betty Jo Bradford ‘99 ‘06 and Mr. Lance Cain
Nathan B. & Florence R. Burt Foundation
Dr. William ‘53 ‘55 and Edythe M. Cascini
The Rev. Dr. John Paul Davis ‘08 and James (Jim) Hryncewich
The Rev. Jordan+ ‘51 ‘53 and Mrs. Jeanne+ Detzer
Karyn and Robert (Bob) Downs
The Rev. Lonnie R.** ‘67 and Terry Eakle
The Rev. Thomas (Tom) M. ‘65 and Lillian (Lil) English
The Rev. Robert+ ‘57 and Dr. Esther Elaine Fleenor
Dr. Gerald+ ‘57 and Florence Forshey
The Rev. Donald (Don) L. ‘57 and Carole L. Germain
Dr. Frederick (Fred) L. and Carol J. Grover
The Rev. Martha E. Hill
Marsena (Mars) Rainbow Holsopple*
The Rev. William+ (Bill) R. ‘55 and Ann Iiams
The Rev. Jane Harlowe Keener-Quiat ‘86 and Andrew (Andy) L. Quiat**
The Rev. Glenn W. Lawrence ‘55
Jason Long** and Daniella Morello
Dr. Carolyn Love**, Kebaya Coaching & Consulting Inc.
Dr. Joretta L. ‘80 and Joy Allen Marshall
Susan (Sue) Arnold and George Mitchell
MRP (Intermountain Retirement Partners)
Dale and Joan Nordstrom
Bishop Karen Oliveto** and Ms. Robin Ridenour
The Rev. G. William (Bill) ‘73 and Norah Pattison
The Rev. Mary Kathryn Pearce ‘83
Elizabeth (Betsy) A. Phelan ‘12
James D. and Lillian Sue Phelps
Dr. Richard (Dick) L. ‘60 and Ethel Phillips
Dr. Ronald Carl ‘03 and Mary Katherine Pinson
The Rev. Dr. Gary Douglas ‘80 and Jane Powell
Mr. Victor (Vic) and Marilyn (Lynne)+ Quinn
Pauline Wagner ‘74 and Rod Rippel
The Rev. Roger+ ‘58 and Kay A. Shanks
Robert (Rod) M. and Gail Shattuck
Dr. Judson Shaver
The Rev. Dr. Douglas (Doug) W.** ‘88 and Jan Slaughter
Daniel (Dan) C. ‘91 and Mary Strizek
Texas Instruments Foundation
The Rev. Dr. Kenneth Wanberg ‘59 ‘62
The Rev. Dr. Craig and Barbara Whitcher
Dr. Dana W. and Linda Wilbanks
Mary M. Wilcox ‘68
Debra Witzler

Elizabeth Iliff Warren Society ($240 to $999)

$700 provides technology support for one online Canvas class for 18 students per quarter.

Current Student  |  * Staff and Faculty | ** Board of Trustees | + Deceased  |  Evergreen Members

Peggy Ann Anderson
The Rev. Dr. Ruben J. Arjona Mejia*
The Rev. Dr. Gary ‘74 and Laurel A. Armstrong
The Rev. Thomas (Tom)* and The Rev. Kirsten C. Barlow
The Rev. Dr. Jon L. Berquist
The Rev. Katie Lynn Black ‘16
Ann and Robert Blessin
The Rev. Donald ‘62 and Mary Ann Bleyle
The Rev. Dr. Joy Brittain ‘85
Dr. David Leonard ‘13 and Bonnie Carlson
Community First Foundation
Karen R. Cotta ‘08
Dr. John F. ‘65 and Jean Esther Dale
Dr. Sheila Greeve Davaney and Dr. Larry+ Kent Graham
Myra E. Donovan
Natasha Renee Drake ‘15
Elisa Erickson
Dr. Donald M. Fairchild ‘67
The Rev. Dr. Thom White Wolf Fassett
Ann Moon Folk ‘05
Dr. Charlene Galarneau ‘88 and Mr. Don Tucker
The Rev. Karl J. Giese ‘87
Dr. George ‘80 and Suzanne A. Gordon
Dr. William (Will) B. and Mary Gravely
Dr. Roger K. Green
Anne (Annie) Norton and Richard M. Groves
The Rev. James F. ‘72 and Miriam B. Hanke
The Rev. James (Jim) H. ‘76 and Linda E. Harris
Cynthia Hibbard
The Rev. Ronald (Ron) ‘66 and Patricia (Pat) Hodges
Carl M. and Joanne Iliff
The Rev. Kimal (Kim) ‘90 and Steven L. James
The Rev. Lonnie Benjamin ‘58 and Pat L. Johnston
Marion and Todd Jones
The Rev. Jin Ho ‘84 and The Rev. Youngsook Charlene ‘91 Kang
Dr. Philip (Phil) ‘45 ‘51 and Zodie+ Kaye
The Rev. Donald (Don) C. ‘59 and Susan D. Keck
The Rev. James (Jim) D. Keith ‘66
The Rev. Jason D. ‘08 and Sarah Elizabeth Kennedy
William J. and Mary R. Kennedy
Noble+ ‘46 and Dr. Mary W. Kime
Dr. Jacob N. Kinnard* and Dr. Amy K. Erickson*
The Rev. Genie H. ‘82 and Gary Kistler
Dr. Jeanne Knepper ‘83 ‘97
Jacqueline (Jackie) L. Larner
Pat and Wills+ Long
Loretto Literary & Benevolent Institution
Dr. Jeffrey H.* and The Rev. L. Louise Mahan
Ramona Martinez**
Jack McCartney
Dr. Taylor ‘51 ‘57 and E. June+ McConnell
Dr. Bonnie and Dr. Donald (Don) E. Messer
Peter ‘60 and Grace Moe ‘60
MTech Mechanical
Dr. Ved and Katharine Nanda
Diana Louise Neff ‘05 and Douglas (Doug) R. McCallum
Allan L. Nesbitt ‘62
Maxine Oliver
Stephen (Steve) G. and Claire B. Parker
The Rev. Robert N. ‘59 and Nancy Lee Paul
The Rev. Elizabeth M. Pexton ‘03 and Dr. Antony (Tony) W. Alumkal*
Nick Phelps
The Rev. Nancy ‘77 and James W. Phillips
Laura Beth* ‘13 and Erin Walrath Ralston
John (Jack) Rattray
Rocky Mountain Conference of the United Church of Christ
Rocky Mountain Synod ELCA
Ross Family Foundation
Dr. Micah David Saxton* ‘14
The Rev. Miriam H. and Frank Slejko
Dr. Eric Christopher Smith* ‘13 and Jessa Decker-Smith
Dr. Robert (Bob) G. ‘57 and Christine L. Swager
Taylor University
The Rev. Clara Davenport ‘78 and Paul Thompson
Anne Tinker Baker and Willard (Will) Baker
Dr. Robert (Bob) Toll ‘72 ‘84
Dr. Katherine Turpin* and Andrew J. Blackmun
Dr. Theodore (Ted) M. Vial*
Richard A. Vickery
Jon R. Wallace ‘12
Marisa J. Werner ‘17
Dr. Jenny Whitcher ‘12 and Keith White
The Rev. Dr. Jason Comer* ‘10 and Elizabeth Minus Whitehead
The Rev. Fletcher (Fletch) ‘66 and Shirley Wideman
The Rev. Reuben ‘71 and Shirley A. Wilbur
Jody C. and J. Kemper Will
Ralph W. and Gloria L. Zimmer

Donors ($1 to $239)

Current Student  | * Staff and Faculty | ** Board of Trustees | + Deceased  |  Evergreen Members

Dr. Jack E. and Dana G. Albright
The Rev. Richard S. ‘76 and Bondalin Alger
The Rev. Dr. Gregg R. Anderson ‘83
The Rev. Dr. Herbert Ernest and Phyllis Anderson
Lois Anderson
John Patrick-Eugene Angiulo ‘17
The Rev. Dr. A. Gary ‘74 and Mrs. Judy A. Angleberger
Anonymous Donors
The Rev. Andrea (Annie) Nicole ‘04 and Eric Arnoldy
The Rev. Katherine Melinda Baber ‘11 ‘12
Carmen E. Baca* and Jody Doster
The Rev. Carole L. Baker ‘74 ‘75
Alfred Bakewell ‘86
The Rev. William+ (Bill) E. ‘64 and Mrs. Sue Ellen Ballard
Andrew (A.J.) James ‘02 and The Rev. Angela (Angie) Menke Ballou ‘05
Dr. Justin Otto Barber* ‘15
The Rev. Robert L. ‘70 and Eleanor C. Barnes
Dr. Bruce ‘78 and Kathleen A. Bartel
Janice Bartholomew-Turner
The Rev. Rita Jean ‘88 and John Basham
Dr. Paul R. ‘63 ‘83 and Edith E. Beach
The Rev. Donald and Arla M. Beal
Heather-Gail Camilla Belfon*
Sherra Bell ‘98
The Rev. Dr. Michael (Mike) Harmon ‘86 and Mrs. Karen Bergman
Dr. Selena Billington ‘04 ‘14 and James W. Dewey
Marcee Ann Binder 
Tilman M. and Pat Bishop
Kathleen M. Blandford
The Rev. Bonita Rae Bock
The Rev. Dr. Carolyn Bohler
Anne Clift and John J. Boris
The Rev. Dr. Donald (Don) and Mrs. Gay Bossart
The Rev. Guy+ (Guy) R. ‘68 and The Rev. Roberta (Bert) Botkin
Patrick Bowen ‘13
The Rev. William ‘76 and Brenda L. Braswell
Cheryl Breiner ‘82
Dr. Robert Leroy ‘71 and Eva M. Brightup
Elmer P. Brinkman ‘72
Richard N. and Joyce M. Brown
The Rev. Sally Brown
Dr. L. Lang ‘92 and Jean L. Brownlee
The Rev. Amelie Buchanan-Johnson ‘00
Paula Budzak ‘86
Jennifer (Jen) Marie Burch ‘02 and Kenny Fleak
Laura Burns-Heffner
Dr. Wayne ‘69 and Mrs. Joan Caldwell
The Rev. Phil ‘81 and Teresa Campbell
Susan Carabajal ‘99
Shirley M. and Eugene (Gene) L. Carter
Shaye Lynn Champ-Correll* ‘17
The Rev. Virginia (Ginny) Carey Chase ‘92 ‘95
The Rev. Elizabeth (Beth) George Chronister ‘14
Professor Ward Churchill and Professor Natsu Saito
The Rev. C. Daniel Clark ‘54
Kelsey* and Jason Cochrane
Mildred L. Cockrell
The Rev. Elin ‘91 and Ronald+ Colglazier
Dr. Stephen ‘11 and Ms. Catherine Collins
Colorado Runner
Elizabeth (Libby) Comeaux
Virginia and G. Kevin Conwick
Dr. Elizabeth Rae Coody* ‘09 ‘15 and Dr. David Nathaniel Scott* ‘16
Albert T. and Mary Jane Cook
Ron William Cosgrove ‘16
Jennie L. Creasey
William D. Crosby
Chenoa Crowshoe-Patterson
Diane Eliese D’Angelo ‘17
Hon. Wiley Y. and Ida S. Daniel
Laurence Davaney and Joan Merchan
Emily Davaney-Graham
Dr. Eugene E. and Mary M. Dawson
Laurie Ann Day ‘06
Cristine M. de la Luna
Dr. Miguel A.* and Deborah De La Torre
The Rev. Susan Kidder ‘90 and Barbara N. DeBree
The Rev. Dr. Michael (Mike) and Sharon Dent
Dora Mae DeVan ‘17
The Rev. D. Donald (Don) Donato ‘86
The Rev. David C. ‘62 and Lynette R. Donkle
Bonnie J. Douglas
M. Eliz Douglass
Patricia Draves
Karin Dremel ‘17
Jonathan Edward Drummond
The Rev. Anne Dunlap ‘08 and The Rev. Nancy Eunice Rosas Salamanca ‘09
The Rev. Dr. Andrew (Andy) S. ‘94 and Mrs. Gayla Dunning
Edith Ann Dutton
Viki Eagle
Linda Eisnach
George+ O. and Lucinda (Lucy) A. Elgin
Mary Price and Andrew (Ace) Ellis
Alisha D.* and Gerald Eno
The Rev. Marvin A. ‘64 and Mrs. June C. Essing
The Rev. Dr. Norma Cook Everist ‘88
Dr. Roger D. Fallot ‘83 and Dr. Sally Promey
The Rev. Katherine (Kay)** and Douglas (Doug) Farley
Dr. James+ A. Farrell ‘57 and Ruth S. Farrell
Anne and John Farrell
Gene Fax
Wendy A. Felese ‘08 and Patrick Soch
Lyn and Norin Felton
Barbara H. Ferguson
Catherine (Katie) O. Fisher
Jill T. Fleishman ‘17
John and Debbie Ford
Daniel I. Ford
The Rev. Dr. John P. ‘65 ‘79 and The Rev. Jean H. Foreman ‘85
Dr. Steven (Steve) ‘85 and Senator Joyce Foster
Richard (Rick) M. Foster
Dr. Bill Fowler ‘72
James E. ‘65 and Ann K. Fox
The Rev. Carol Lynn ‘93 and Douglas Fox
Dr. Mark Daniel Freeland ‘07 ‘15 and Sharity L. Bassett ‘09
Anita A. ‘85 and Richard+ L. Fricklas
Nikki Darlene Frontz ‘16
The Rev. Dr. K. Lowell ‘64 and Barbara A. Gaither
Shirley M. and David R. Gale
Sue Gallanter and Susan Bender
Dr. Jeremy Garber* ‘14
The Rev. Kay Gardner Pyle ‘89 ‘91
Gregory (Greg) G. ‘82 and Michelle Garland
The Rev. Dr. Anne K. Gatobu ‘97 ‘06 ‘08
The Rev. Richard ‘68 and Yvon Gay
The Rev. Debra Gerkin ‘78
Karen Elaine Gieseker ‘14
The Rev. Carla Ann Gilbert ‘83 and Kevin Burke
Giving Assistant
Ms. Kimberly (Kim) Anne ‘04 and Bishop James (Jim) Gonia
The Rev. Kathleen Gorman ‘09
The Rev. Dr. John ‘76 ‘91 and Mrs. Kay Gowins
Pam ‘06 and Max Graham
The Rev. David M. ‘59 and Karen M. Gray
The Rev. Mary Kathryn Green ‘81 and Fred Kruger
Kent Ira Groff
The Rev. Louis N. ‘63 and Marie C. Guariniello
Patricia Gunckel
Drucie Haddock
The Rev. Jana Rowe ‘85 and Gary W. Hall
Dr. Elizabeth Ryan Hall ‘17
The Rev. Margaret Rush+ and Jim Hankins
Thomas (Tom) R. and Nancy A. Hanson
Dr. Rachel E. Harding
Sandra (Sandy) Harkovich*
Rev. Tom Harshman ’83 and Stan Gwyn
Dr. Michael Paul Hemenway* and April Favara
The Rev. Michael (Mike) A. ‘74 and Alys Hickcox
Bishop Kenneth ‘53 and L. Elaine Hicks
Amy Petre Hill ‘16
The Rev. Malcolm E. Himschoot ‘04 and The Rev. Mariah Elizabeth Ann Hayden ‘05
The Rev. Darrel ‘70 and Ann Hinshaw
Sarah Catherine Hite
Stephen W. ‘95 and Mariellen H. Hoffman
Asa Andrew Holly
Andrew (Andy) and Jana Horner
Thomas E. and Roberta L. Houllahan
Dr. Susan E. Humble ‘14
The Rev. Dr. Rodney Hunter
Commander David ‘90 and Michelle Hutcheson-Tipton
IBM Corporation
Kristine (Kris) Marie Ireland
Dr. Ginette (Ginni) Ishimatsu
The Rev. Dr. Valerie (Val) Lomax Jackson ‘14
The Rev. Dr. David Jaeger ‘92
Dr. Arthur C. Jones
Ralph Jones
Dr. Andriette Jordan-Fields* ‘11
Charles J. and Barbara L. Kall
The Rev. Kathryn Kandarian ‘98
The Rev. Sylvia Karlsson ‘98 and Lynn J. McPheron
Melanie Jane Karnopp
Joanna D. and Gary C. Keller
Lee Ann Kennedy
The Rev. James (Jim) Stephen ‘76 and Jessie Kerr-Whitt
The Rev. Elizabeth (Kit) A. Ketcham ‘99
John (Jack) Stuart Kettlewell ‘63
Matt Keyerleber
Dr. Edward F. Kezar ‘62
Gordon and Beth Kieft
The Rev. Dr. Eunjoo Mary Kim*
The Rev. Daniel James* ‘02 and Angela D. Klawitter
Ian Kline
Kathleen Valenzi Knaus
The Rev. Thomas E. Korson ‘93 ‘95 and Hon. Mary Mullarkey
The Rev. Paul J. ‘81 and Jean Kottke
The Rev. Burl G. ‘60 and Kathleen (Kathy) A. Kreps
Dr. Christina Kreps
Claudia Kuhns
The Rev. Lorna Kuyk ‘78
Christopher Watkins Lamb ‘17
Veronica Lane
John W. Lathrop
The Rev. Deborah (Debby) Lawrence ‘98
Frances Leary
The Rev. Dr. Jennifer Leath*
Dr. Paula J. Lee ‘98 ‘16
Dr. Luis Leon
The Rev. Dr. Kristen Leslie
Hiram+ Lilley ‘60 and Sherryl L. Lilley
Daniel (Dan) Benjamin Lillie ‘17
Laura Susan Littman ‘16
The Rev. Dr. Kristina Isabel Lizardy-Hajbi* ‘06
Martha and Robert (Bob) T. Longway
Peggy Lore
The Rev. Leslie (Les) L. ‘95 and Betty Ludlam
Lauretta Anne Lundquist
Mary H. MacDonald ‘12
Mary L. Mackay
The Rev. Gary W. MacKendrick ‘71
Ms. Margaret (Maggi) L. Mahan and Ms. Ruth Swank
Edward (Ed) F. Mahardy and Peggy D. Kaiser-Mahardy
Kalina Seluvaia Malua-Katoa ‘13
Christopher (Chris) James Mandel ‘10 and Erin M. Christensen-Mandel*
Dr. Barbara Alice Mann
The Rev. Richard L. ‘68 and Patricia Sue Mayer
Julia McClung
Sharon K. McCormick ‘86
Jennifer McCurdy and Steve Parsoneault
Jim and Kelly McCurdy
Erin K. McElroy*
Charles McElwain ‘68
Rose Marie McGuire
The Rev. Susan Stevenson McKee ‘09 and Hal Simmons
Wayne McKirdy ‘58
Debra (Debbie) Jean McLaren
The Rev. Kenneth ‘61 and Patricia (Patty) McMillan
The Rev. Dr. Vaughan ‘98 and Kevin J. McTernan
The Rev. Marcia Lynne ‘13 and Mr. Steve Meier
Michael and Maggie Meiners
Lenore H. Mekeal
Orville and Elizabeth Ledya Mellick
Metropolitan Denver Association
Stephen J. Metz
Georgia Faye Metz
Adrian Miller**
Jason Michael Miller
The Rev. Dr. Bonnie Miller-McLemore
Dr. Frederick W. Mimmack
The Rev. John Moore ‘79
Suzanne Mueller*
Harriet Elizabeth Mullaney ‘02
Gwendolyn (Gwen) Ovan Murphy ‘01
Gail Elizabeth ‘02 and The Rev. Paul Murphy-Geiss
Robert+ Musil ‘55 and Dorothy Musil
The Rev. Byron D. Myrick ‘66
The Rev. Dr. Warren S. Napier ‘86 ‘96
The Rev. Kenneth W. ‘60 and Chrystal S. Neal
Ruth M. Neil
The Rev. Dr. P. Dale ‘72 and Judith E. Neufer
Ann W. and Catherine A. Nichols
Eldon F. ‘58 and Mary Beth Nicholson
Jaime L. Nieves
Joceile+ and Bruce Nordwall
Alice Norman
Janet C. O’Halloran
The Rev. Donna K. O’Keefe ‘90
Dr. Debora (Deb) Ortega
Celia E. Palm
The Rev. Karen Parker ‘78
Verda F. Patterson
William F. and Patricia W. Peace
Dr. Paul ‘66 and Lois E. Peel
The Rev. Russell M. ‘54 and Mary E. Peirce
Sister Lydia Pena
Dr. Robert E. ‘54 ‘63 and Holly A. Pennock
Sandra Pettijohn ‘92
David Matthew Petty
Dr. Peter J. and Ruth S. Philpott
Dr. William (Bill) Philpott
The Rev. Thomas ‘86 and Helen Pickles
The Rev. Dr. James N. Poling
James N. ‘58 and Mary Louise Porter
Jennifer Portz
The Rev. Louis+ (Lou) McDonald Pratt ‘64 and Rosa Pratt
Brian Price and Elizabeth Jane Schmitz
The Rev. Donna M. Pritchard ‘83
The Rev. Carolyn (Dusty) D. Pruitt ‘80 and Joanne E. Rhodes
Jason and Casey Purdy
The Rev. Megan Marie Ramer ‘05 and Jon Stutzman
Mary Charlotte Raynard
The Rev. Dr. Vernon (Vern) Keith ‘07 and Marilyn Rempel
Revae Templin Reynolds
The Rev. Christine Wolcott Richardson ‘81
John (Andy) Andrew Rieder*
The Rev. Samuel L. ‘80 and Nancy L. Ritchey
Dr. Gregory Allen Robbins
Evangeline H. Rocha
David Rodenberg
Susan ‘89 and Robert J. Rodine
The Rev. Margaret (Maggie) D. ‘99 and Ben Roe
The Rev. Robert Don Ross ‘78
The Rev. Robert (R.J.) and Ruth E. Ross
Dr. Celeste Julie Rossmiller ‘06
Dr. Dean Saitta
Mary Helen Sandoval
The Rev. Albert (Al) Scarffe ‘49
Robert+ W. and Janet (Jan) S. Scheevel
The Rev. Paul ‘62 and Elaine J. Scheibner
The Rev. Donald (Don) ‘73 and Kay Schlichting
George F. Scholz and Tanya Tinker Scholz
Darryl Emmitt Searuggs ‘17
Tony Duane Joel Serbousek
Chi Sham
Carol J. Shanks ‘82
Denise Leslie Shannon ‘17
The Rev. Dr. Jarrell ‘57 and Bertha Sharp
Steven P. and Janis L. Sherick
Scott Shields and Brooke Rohde
The Rev. Frederick (Fred) and Janet (Jan) M. Sickert
The Rev. Rebekah E. Simon-Peter ‘95 ‘98 and Jerry E. Gonzales
SK Lazear & Associates, Inc.
Elizabeth Jane Skehan
Donna Marie ‘02 and Linda A. Slack
The Rev. Avery Petra ‘10 and The Rev. Cecelia Sledge
The Rev. Dr. Kay Slocum ‘89 and Paul Dillon
Randy Smith
Sandra (Sandy) S. Smith
The Rev. Letitia Smith ‘78 ‘81
Dr. Kenneth E. Smith ‘63
The Rev. Bruce E. ‘88 and Dorthy H. Smith
Angella Son
The Rev. Vernon (Vern) ‘76 and Sylvia Sorensen
Anne E. Spangler
Dr. John and Mrs. Dixie+ Spangler
The Rev. Don G. ‘62 and Mrs. Linda L. Sperber
Donna Mae Spring
St. Michael’s Ecumenical Catholic Church
Bishop Elaine and Clinton (Clint) Stanovsky
The Rev. Rodney J. ‘77 and Virginia L. Stemme
Margaret D. and Glen E. Stenson
The Rev. Thomas Steranka ‘76 ‘85
Erica Stetson
William (Bill) Braddock Stevenson
Debra Siniard ‘17 and Jeffrey Andrew Stinnett
Marilyn M. and Raymond L. Stranske
The Rev. Penny M. Swift Kelly ‘99 and Jay Kline Kelly
Cheryl Suzanne Swing
The Rev. Eric ‘69 and Judith (Judy) Gossett Talla
The Rev. Vincent (Vince) J. Tango* ‘09 and Ashi
Temple Emanuel
The Rev. Troy Lynn Thomas ‘07
The Rev. Dr. Tezenlo Thong ‘09
Mark Thornburgh and Lori Bryant
Michael Tinker
Dr. Tink Tinker and Dr. Loring Abeyta
The Rev. Mary-Al Titus ‘85
The Rev. Gerald (Toby) L. ‘64 and Winona B. Toburen
The Rev. Dr. Julie M. Todd ‘12
Shirl and Thomas H. Twiss
The Rev. Marilynn L. ‘88 and Gerald L. Vahle
Nancy M. and Robert (Bob) D. Victorin-Vangerud
The Rev. Patricia (Patty) E. Walker ‘93
Margaret J. Wallace
Howard L. Ware
The Rev. Marilyn K. ‘88 and Philip (P.K.) Ware
The Rev. Dr. Michele Watkins*
Anne Wenzel and David B. Miller
The Rev. Ashley Christina ‘12 and Mr. Jeff Whitaker
Carol A. White
Catherine (Cathy) ‘95 and Ron Whitlatch
Dr. Robert Whitman
Ryan M. Beeman Wieland ‘07
Ulrike Wiethaus
Richard (Rich) Charles Williams ‘08
The Rev. Dr. Dena Williams ‘95 ‘05 ‘14
Peter (Pete) D. and Rosemary Willis
Benjamin (Ben) McIntyre Wilsey ‘17
Ms. Karyn D. Wingard Manuel ‘08 and Jeff Manuel
Dr. John (Phil) Philip and Carolyn G. Wogaman
Candise Charmane Woods and Rahdearra (Rah) Alee Paris Woods
The Rev. Dean Allen ‘72 and Marsha Woodward
Dr. Soon Beng Yeap*
Tim ‘11 and Abby Marie Zeckser



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