Our Changing Earth

The Center for Eco-Justice (CEJ) is committed to the education, advocacy, and activism of scholarship, initiatives, and resolutions on environmental justice in our changing world. What that means is the CEJ operates as a think tank focusing its actions towards the flourishing all of species by developing long and short term responses to the current ecological crises, which we recognize as also being a humanitarian crisis.

Objectives of the Center:

The Center will participate in four activities:

  1. Host a yearly conference where six papers from different constituencies are presented with the objective of publishing the papers in an edited volume to comprise The Iliff Environmental Justice Book Series.
  2. Plan yearly eco-tours to different parts of the world to study the problem and explore possible solutions to our current ecological crises.
  3. Develop a film and arts festival which will be held simultaneously with the Environmental Justice yearly conference.
  4. Establish a center for activists groups engaged in transformation.

This fall, the Center is hosting its inaugural conference on “The Intersection of Water and Environmental Racism” on October 24 – 26, 2019. The conference speaks to the Iliff’s commitment to social justice and bringing liberation to the disenfranchised, the dispossessed, and the disinherited. Join is for the conference to hear the insights, ideas, and proposal.

Watch a video clip on the upcoming conference.

In April, the Center participated at the Earth X Expo in Dallas. In addition to joining several Colorado businesses, non-profits, and higher education institutions at the Colorado Pavilion, the Center hosted a roundtable discussion on “Faith & Eco-Justice.”
Iliff President Tom Wolfe, Professor Miguel De La Torre, and Board of Trustee members Brian Mooney and Andy Quiat represented Iliff at the expo.


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