In anticipation of challenges created by COVID-19 in March 2020, the Pandemic Planning Committee (PPC) was commissioned to provide our colleagues with timely and critical information in managing their day-to-day work responsibilities.

Led by COO Caran Ware Joseph, the task force met on a regular basis to make operational recommendations to the Senior Leadership Team for consideration.

These recommendations were based on data and guidance from WHO, CDC, OSHA, Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment, Colorado Department of Higher Education, State of Colorado, and the City and County of Denver.

At same time, the health, safety, and protection of our colleagues were the highest priorities for the PPC in making the recommendations.

With the extended closure of the Iliff building through December 31, 2020, the fall quarter going online, and cancellation of in-person Gathering Days in February, many annual events such as commencement, Dean’s Café, staff meetings, etc. went virtual on Zoom. 

While we recognized the disruption created by the continued surge of Covid-19 cases in Colorado and the world, our staff and faculty stepped up their efforts working remotely to ensure that our daily operations and classes continue to operate smoothly. 

While the Iliff building remained closed, a temperature checking station was set up in foyer space to accommodate colleagues who need to access it for work-related projects. The temperature check is just one of the several protocols that was implemented to ensure that our workplace is safe for our colleagues.

With the possibility of a vaccine being available soon, the PPC has also been working on a robust plan for a phased reopening of our building in 2021. While we continue to monitor the status of the pandemic, the PPC will continue to evaluate the existing protocols and identify ways to ensure that our workplace is safe for our colleagues when they are ready to return to their offices.

We want to thank everyone at Iliff for their commitment, dedication, and flexibility in adapting to the new ways of working during these challenging times.

Visit Iliff’s Covid-19 website and the ReSource Pandemic Toolbox.