ReSource Video:
Funneling Conversations
With Packard Brown



So, you are interviewing for a position with a church or other organization. You want to convey to them that you are the right person for the job – but how do you do that? Well, first, do your homework! Know about the needs of the organization before the interview even starts. When you’ve done that effectively, you can guide the conversation using the techniques described and demonstrated in this video.

Iliff’s Spiritually-Integrated Financial Resiliency (SIFR) Initiative sponsored this first ReSource video in 2017, when Packard was Director of Career Services in Iliff’s Office of Professional Formation. He has since formed his own venture, the Theology Careers Initiative. We hope you find it helpful!

About Packard Brown

Packard has been focused on working with graduating students and bivocational pastors for years. As principal and owner of Theology Careers Initiative, he provides theology professionals with direction and support as they pursue their vocations either in tent-making endeavors or fields other than congregational ministry. He’s a proven Career Management Consultant, author and professional speaker who has published articles about his work in such national publications as InTrust Magazineand the Association of Theological Schools Online Colloquypublication. He has also presented (by invitation) at the national conference for (Theological) Student Personnel Administrators. Having spent more than 20 years in the corporate realm as a Vice President for Organization Development, the Career Management industry as a Senior Career Consultant, and as Director of Career Services for a prominent seminary, he knows first-hand the strategies and tactics it takes for a theology professional to navigate a vocational transition successfully.