Request a Study Carrel

The Taylor Library provides a limited amount of study carrels to members of the Iliff community. If you would like a study carrel for the 2018-2019 academic year, please read the study carrel policy and fill out the form below.

Please note that study carrels on the top floor of the library will NOT be available after January 2019.

Study Carrel Policy

  1. Carrel assignments must be renewed annually, at the beginning of the fall term, using the form below.
  2. Only one carrel will be assigned to each person. Lockers are available for additional storage.
  3. Out of consideration for other library users, please remember that all library materials left in your carrel overnight must be checked out.
  4. Current and bound periodicals and reference books may not be left in carrels. Any such material found by library staff will be removed and reshelved.
  5. The library cannot be responsible for the security of items left in carrels.
  6.  In accordance with fire code, no candles or incense are allowed in the carrels.
  7. Carrel users are expected to abide by all other library policies.
  8.  Please apply for a carrel only if you will make regular use of it. If throughout the year you decide you don’t need a carrel, please contact
  9. Students may access their carrels only during library hours.
  10. The use/storage of coffee pots, hot plates, etc. are not permitted in carrels.

Study Carrel Form

Use this form to apply for a study carrel in the library