April 20, 2021

Dear members of the beloved Iliff community:

Today, our nation felt a wave of conscience take its stand as the jury in the George Floyd murder trial rendered Derek Chauvin guilty of all charges. May this verdict settle across the land as an interruption to its historic denial of systemic racism brutally acted out on bodies of color. We remember all those before that were not afforded due process according to the law, and those who have endured waiting for any sign of change. May today be a demarcation of clearer vision that pierces through what many were not willing to see about our nation or themselves. And may today be an encouragement to continue the struggle for justice with this one foothold on which to stand. In this week to come, as members of Daunte Wright’s family gather for his funeral, may we see the work yet before us and claim it in the spirit of the courageous decision of today.


Rev. Dr. Thomas V. Wolfe
President and CEO
Iliff School of Theology