To ensure a clear and consistent identity for our internal and external communications, we have created an intuitive identity guideline based on Iliff’s heritage that evokes and inspires. Please adhere to the Iliff logo marks, color palettes, and typography in telling the Iliff story.

Download the Visual Style Guide

Logo Marks

The Iliff logo is comprised of a single the word mark which includes the name of the school and location. It has a distinctive typeface – Trajan Pro. The two-color horizontal version (purple background and white font) is the preferred logo. A secondary option is with a white background and purple font. Note the logo emphasis is on Iliff and the name of the school. We strongly recommend downloading the digital files here rather than recreating the image.

Correct Iliff Logo Layout on color background and on white

Download the Logo Files (ZIP)

Color Palettes

Primary Colors

Purple and white are the two primary colors. The colors should be present in all collateral to emphasize Iliff’s distinguishing visual identity. In liturgical symbolism, purple is the color of humility, wisdom, and penance that comes from inward reflection.

Iliff colors

The Stained Glass Rainbow

The stained glass rainbow serves as a distinctive identifier that is special to Iliff. Its use is to intentionally differentiate and reinforce the institution’s visual identity.


Primary Typeface

The typeface speaks to our personality (provocative, discerning, and enriching) and ethos (forward thinking, spirited, and affirming).

Iliff fonts

Download the typefaces below: