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Iliff Community Voter Registration and Participation

I thank the members of the Iliff community for their work in the creation of this Voter Registration and Participation website. I invite you to see it as a personal call to strengthen the power of democracy through exercising your own right to vote. And further, as a challenge to the Iliff community to work to the end that voter rights are protected and equal access is assured for all communities. This website of resources is designed to stand with you. I invite you to share why you vote and how you are living out this work between now and November 3.

A voter who is with you in this work,


Thomas V. Wolfe
President and CEO
Iliff School of Theology

Voter Registration:


Log into our Facebook page to follow the Iliff Vote 2020 initiative.

Share a selfie after you’ve voted to post to the Iliff Instagram page. 

Why do you vote?

Let us know why you’re voting this year in the comments below!


  1. I vote because I stand against police brutality!

  2. I’m voting for affordable one-payer health care for all people, regardless of pre-existing conditions.

  3. I’m voting for increased affordability and access to higher education and increased accountability for student loan forgiveness programs.

  4. I am voting for a lot of reasons, but one particular reason is that I am concerned that my great, great, grandchildren might not have clean water to drink or safe air to breathe, or even a safe land to exist in as a result of decisions that people in my generation have made.

  5. I am voting because I want to feel safe.


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