We value the differences in our community.

“… In our increasingly divided world, diversity is a value, a gift and an asset which any school of theology educating people for service and ministry in the twenty-first century simply must have. The Iliff community is delighted to be a leader in diversities in theological education. The Iliff campus is made up of many kinds of diversity – disability, ethnic, sexual orientation, gender identity, racial, gender, denominational, religious, political and ideological – to name only a few. Both the Iliff board of trustees and Iliff’s leadership are fully supportive of these and many other forms of diversity.

“Diversity is not only a cornerstone of our self-understanding built into our mission and vision statements, it is also featured in our classrooms, among our professors, trustees and staff as well as in the student body. It is a central part of our understanding of both excellence in theological education and vocational relevance in service and ministry. This is why diversity at Iliff is closely aligned with issues of justice, peace and constructive social change. We believe that a world without respect and love for diversity is simply not sustainable.”

By Dr. Edward P. Antonio, friend of Iliff and our former Associate Dean of Diversities


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