The Iliff Experience

Cesar Maricio Duran Gonzalez (MDiv ’14) is called to be a bridge between the Latino community and the United Methodist Church (UMC). He understands that many people in the Latino community are conservative, while many people in the Mountain Sky Conference of the UMC are liberal, open-minded, and progressive. In doing God’s work, he strives to create “a unity between the two sides and make a bridge between them and try to create an understanding between both.”

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Today in Theology

Iliff Alumna Leads “One Extraordinary Church”
Religion and Ethics News Weekly | Lucky Severson, correspondent

PBS reports on Rev. Nadia Bolz Weber (MDiv, ’08): We take you to The House for All Sinners and Saints in Denver, a widely unconventional congregation led by Evangelical Lutheran Church in America pastor Nadia Bolz-Weber. She told correspondent Lucky Severson her language, teaching, and tattoos symbolize her acceptance of everyone, and they of her. Together their church is thriving.

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