Master of Arts in Social Justice and Ethics (MASJE)

The MASJE is a two-year professional degree that helps people engage a complex interdisciplinary analysis of historical and contemporary social change strategies and movements. It is designed to help people who want to develop an inclusive, collaborative, and justice-based social change leadership with the cultural capacity and organizational skills necessary for domestic and international religious organizations, diverse non-profit settings, government agencies, educational institutions, the media, and various business and professional contexts. 

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Alexandra Ravenscroft

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Who should pursue a Master of Arts in Social Justice and Ethics degree from Iliff?

Those discerning a vocation within diverse professional settings including domestic and international religious organizations, non-profit organizations, government agencies, educational institutions, the media, and businesses. Such leadership may also include ordination or consecration as a deacon or lay minister in many denominational traditions.

MASJE Graduates Lead In

  • Nonprofit/Advocacy – executive directors, diversity officers, community organizers, entrepreneurs, social justice policy makers, project managers
  • Government – political office, campaign managers, community engagement, services directors, liaisons with departments and other agencies and organizations, supervisor community services
  • Higher Education – faculty and adjunct professors, directors of programs, senior level administration, student affairs, admissions officers
  • Ministry – ordained deacons, social justice advocates, social services
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Additional Choices

Students who have earned a Master of Divinity degree from an accredited institution may complete the abbreviated version of the Master of Arts in Social Justice and Ethics degree in 40 quarter credits.

Journey MASJE

The MASJE is offered through our hybrid Journey format! Journey is specifically designed for distance-learning students to form a cohort connection to enhance the learning experience. Courses are offered in online and hybrid formats, with short visits to Iliff 2-3 times per year for hybrid classes, weekend praxis courses, and week-long intensives.

The MASJE offers an opportunity to engage in a full array of theological studies, including an internship and personal and professional formation. Students must meet the requirements as specified in the Student Handbook of their year of matriculation. Degree requirements for previous years can be found at the bottom of the online Student Handbook main page.

Requirements Include

  • First-Year Interdisciplinary Seminar (4 Credits)
  • Core Requirements (28 Credits) from each of the six curricular areas
  • Social Justice and Ethics Praxis  (8 Credits)
  • Social Justice and Ethics Seminars (8 Credits)
  • Personal and Professional Formation Courses  (6 Credits)
  • Internship (12 Credits)
  • Other Courses (14 Credits)

Example Classes in the MASJE Program

  • Storytelling and Narrative Justice
  • Social Media Peace and Justice
  • Justice and Spiritual Care
  • Dismantling Justice
  • Rivers of Justice: History and Futures
  • Peace, Violence and Religion
  • More information – Student Handbook