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The Center for 




Iliff’s Third Biennial EcoJustice Conference


September 27-29, 2023


Theme: Food Fight: When What We Eat is Weaponized

To learn more: Proposals for Presentations


The Iliff Center for EcoJustice is committed to education, advocacy, and scholarship in the area of environmental justice. The Center stands at the intersection of marginalized communities and our changing planet to address the most serious issues facing each. We take a multi-faith approach to understanding and diminishing the effects of environmental racism.


The Center will focus on three key activities:

  • Ongoing scholarship, including a yearly conference for spiritual leaders, scholars, scientists, students, activists, and community members to convene around key topics in environmental justice and publication of an annual edited volume to comprise The Iliff Environmental Justice Book Series.
  • Student engagement in regions most hard hit by converging challenges of climate change and social justice.
  • Coordination with and support for advocacy organizations working to end environmental racism.