What Makes Iliff 


Our students make Iliff what it is. We value their diversity in backgrounds, culture, and ethnicity. We seek to affirm and share their journey and provide a safe place for them to develop their faith and beliefs.

Diverse & Open

Iliff has developed a broad and diverse community of students and faculty in order to provide a place to explore where your faith can take you.

Welcoming Diversity

Community Online & In-Person

You don’t have to live in Denver to find a community at Iliff. The colleagues and fellow students you will meet here are extraordinary connections that will help you as you grow in your journey.

Discovering Community

Combining Social Justice & Spiritual Care

We believe in bringing together the search for justice in our modern society with our passion for our faiths to care for the heart of the communities and people we serve.

Challenging Injustice

LGBTQIA+ Positive & Accepting

Wherever you fall on the spectrum, there’s a place for you here. We have created a safe place for you to explore your beliefs here at Iliff.

Supporting Gender Perspectives

Support From Iliff

Our purpose is to help our students discover and explore their faiths in the contexts that matter to them. No matter their background or personal goals, our students receive the warmth and support they deserve.

Caring For Students