Church Partnerships

We highly value our relationships with our church partners. They are an important contribution to the success of our students in completing their journey of ministerial and spiritual formation. At Iliff, we work closely with our church partners to design scholarship opportunities that meet the financial needs and educational expenses of our students. In addition to funding support, we are also open to internship opportunities with our church partners. As part of our collaboration, Iliff offers our church partners access to our Resource program and participation in our annual Renewal Conference in February. An example of this partnership is with the First Plymouth Congressional Church and First Plymouth Foundation. Learn more about our partnership with First Plymouth Foundation . In addition to church partnerships, Iliff provides several critical financial resources to students in managing the cost of their education. The resources include:

ReSource program

The ReSource Program is focused on developing strong leaders with spiritually integrated financial resiliency. Under this program, students, alumni, and community members are equipped with critical financial skills and tools through post-graduate training opportunities,


If your congregation is interested in partnering with the Iliff School of Theology, including sponsoring a student in preparation for ministry, please contact Goldie Ector, Director of Financial Aid at 303-765-3114 or