June 2024

Ensuring Ethical AI Adoption: Introducing AI TRUST by Iliff Innovation Lab

More and more businesses are adopting AI, bringing a host of ethical and legal considerations that companies must be prepared to answer for. Recognizing a need for tools to address these challenges, we at Iliff Innovation Lab are excited to unveil AI TRUST, our newest review framework designed to assist businesses in evaluating the ethical integrity of their AI solutions, pre- and post-implementation.

Through a collaborative review process, AI TRUST empowers organizational leaders to assess and score AI-based technologies, providing them with the knowledge and tools necessary to navigate the complexities behind AI adoption. By anticipating and mitigating risks related to data collection, privacy, bias and evolving regulatory environments, AI TRUST helps foster a more responsible technological landscape.

A lack of AI policies = A host of AI issues

Recent studies have revealed that many companies lack comprehensive AI policies and protocols, leaving them vulnerable to ethical and legal challenges. And, the inherent biases present in AI technologies reveal a need for independent and neutral evaluation — processes exactly like AI TRUST. By uncovering existing issues and offering insights for longer-term usage, AI TRUST ensures that businesses can proactively address biases and inaccuracies in their AI solutions.

The AI TRUST process offers enormous benefits to organizations, fostering trust and ensuring quality AI output for partners and customers alike. By guiding companies through a step-by-step approach to inform and pressure-test planned AI rollouts, AI TRUST certification establishes a company’s technology as safe, responsible and reliable.

WellPower, Colorado’s largest community mental health center, exemplifies the transformative impact of the AI TRUST process: by leveraging AI TRUST, it gained invaluable insights into the ethical dimensions of their AI-driven initiatives, ensuring alignment with their core values and professional standards.

AI TRUST represents a pivotal step towards creating a more responsible and equitable technological landscape. By partnering with organizations to evaluate AI tools, Iliff Innovation Lab advocates for a world where innovation is synonymous with integrity and equity. To learn more about the AI TRUST Review Process and embark on the journey towards ethical AI adoption, visit www.iliff.edu/trust.