Welcome to my Journey – Georgia Metz (’19. MDiv)

Journey To Flexibility

Georgia Metz, originally from Denver, Colorado, found herself exploring Iliff when she was led to ministry. Georgia attended Bluffton University for her undergraduate years but found Colorado calling home. Georgia chose Iliff, in part, for its presence in communities that she was already familiar with. She also knew that she would be able to attend Iliff residentially because of her ties to Colorado.

For two years, Georgia had the traditional seminary experience: going to class, having conversations with fellow seminarians, spending hours in the library with books, and serving Iliff on Student Senate. For the two years Georgia spent at Iliff, she spent them well.

However, halfway through her 2nd year, Georgia felt that God was calling her to go in a different direction. Rather than be perplexed by this call, Georgia found comfort in Iliff’s hybrid model with Journey.

With the flexibility offered by the Journey program, Georgia packed up her life as a “typical” seminarian and moved to Manhattan, Kansas, where she is currently the director of an intentional Christian living community for college students at Kansas State University.

Georgia’s “typical” seminarian life has not changed but adapted. Rather than reading in the Taylor Library, Georgia reads among her students in the lounge. She watches hot dog eating contests unfold and sits during movie nights, celebrating the community she is a part of both at Kansas State, while also celebrating her ability to be in community at Iliff still.

Iliff’s Journey program gave Georgia the opportunity to follow a new path while still taking all the classes that she needed to and wanted to. Georgia didn’t miss a beat transitioning from residential to Journey, and she plans to graduate on time next month.