Brand Style 

Guide 2022

Based on Iliff’s heritage and core essence, we have created a brand guideline to ensure a clear and consistent identity for our internal and external communications. Please adhere to the Iliff logo marks, color palettes, and typography in telling the Iliff story.

Purpose and Vision Statement

Iliff is a graduate school that cultivates compassion and justice through courageous imagination. Iliffians are activists, servant leaders, and innovators in diverse religious, secular, and academic communities.

Brand Personality

Inspired by rigor, praxis, critical discourse, and courageous imagination, Iliff’s brand identity is encapsulated in the persona of the Scholar-Activist. The core attributes of the Scholar-Activist personality: Hopeful, Engaged, and Courageous.

Logo Marks

The Iliff logo is comprised of a single word mark with distinctive typefaces – Jomhuria and Vollkorn. Jomhuria is the main font face and was selected for its weighty, gemoetric design and tilted titles remind us of the candles and stained glass patterns. This intersection celebrates Iliff’s identity as a diverse, inclusive community of engaged Scholar-Activists across all faiths.

Color Palettes

Primary and Secondary Colors

Iliff’s primary brand color is Iliff Purple. Secondary colors are Black and Bright Yellow. Olive Green is a tertiary brand color and can be used as a neutral. The colors emphasize Iliff’s distinguishing visual identity and character – purple is the color of rigor, bright yellow is the color of courage, black is the color of justice, and oive green is the color of peace.


The two main font faces are EB Garamond and EB Garamond. These are both open license typefaces, available through Google Fonts.