Corona Insights 


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A Letter to the Iliff Community – Imagining Our Future

Iliff is a place that foremost engages the human story in all of its pain and joy. And, it is a place of discernment that leads to strategic direction. In balance, each exists to enhance the other. When they work together, strategy points to the inspiring narrative and that story calls even more out of the existing plan. The whole becomes greater than the sum of its parts.

The world around Iliff is not the same world into which it was born. Iliff has never felt at peace with the status quo, but it has formed patterns of operation and predictability that may not be in alignment with the world in which it exists.

Iliff has been engages in planning and strategizing. This is the work of thinking differently. It is to see beyond what has become familiar and normative. It is the discipline of detaching from outcome so as to see anew our context and expose where change is needed. What we now see cannot be unseen. Regardless of the timeline for change, we see for ourselves the place where change must occur.

Strategy and story must come together in this document. It becomes real when we as a community greet the possibility and breathe life into it with acts of imagination and courage and with the conviction that it addresses the deep needs of the world.

– Rev. Dr. Thomas V. Wolfe

An Update on the Corona Insights Report

The survey results revealed significant possibilities through pursuit of the following existing degree programs and new initiatives:

– MASJE and Incubator

– TRUST Consulting through the Artificial Intelligence Institute at Iliff

– Professional Education

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