Course Provider 


Students at non-UM schools approved by the University Senate with whom Iliff has an MOU can take UM courses through the course provider program. Those students at schools with which Iliff does not have an MOU should contact the registrar’s office at to enroll as non-degree students.

What is the Iliff UMC Course Provider Program?

The program deploys Iliff’s outstanding United Methodist courses to students currently enrolled at a non-UMC theological school in a completely online format with no need to travel to Denver for any portion of the course.

Does the student need to apply to Iliff to participate in the program?

No, the student continues their enrollment at their current theological school and simply takes these courses in conjunction with their current course load. The ‘Course Provider Agreement’ form is completed by the student and their school’s Registrar (or appropriate administrator) and forwarded to Iliff. Documentation for the grade and successful completion of the course will be provided to the student’s school Registrar by Iliff following each course.

How does the student pay for the courses?

The student will pay their current institution for the credits and their current school will pay Iliff. This enables a streamlined experience for the student. The courses will be billed at the standard tuition rate for the student’s current school.

Does the student ‘transfer these credits into’ their current school?

No, the credits are provided by Iliff but the student’s current school agrees to accept these credits into their existing system. From the perspective of the current school, the course might be thought of as a course taught adjunctly particularly for that student. Technically, the student continues to be a student at their current home school while enrolled in this course.

What are the deadlines for enrolling in these courses?

The Course-Provider-Agreement (pdf) form must be sent to Iliff by the deadlines listed on the agreement form. Typically the necessary lead time is about six to eight weeks before the start of the Iliff term. Once the form is accepted, the student will be contacted by Iliff with instructions for getting started in the course. Since there is a high demand for Iliff courses, enrollment is not guaranteed.

What if the student is currently not enrolled at another theological school?

The student cannot participate in this particular program but may apply to Iliff as a ‘non-degree’ seeking student. More information can be found at or by calling 303-765-3118 (Iliff Admissions).

Deadlines for each quarter

Fall: July 31
Winter: November 15
Spring: February 15
Summer: April 30

Contact Iliff School of Theology, Dean’s Office

2323 E. Iliff Ave., Denver, CO 80210