Daniel Klawitter –  

Admissions Representative

Daniel Klawitter joined the Iliff staff as an Admissions Representative in January of 2015. He is responsible for developing relationships with prospective students and answers a wide variety of questions pertaining to Iliff’s programs, the admissions process, community life at Iliff, and professional opportunities that might exist beyond graduation.

Daniel is also an alum of the school, graduating summa cum laude in 2002 with a Master of Divinity degree and a concentration in Justice and Peace Studies. During his time as a student at Iliff, Daniel won the Bishop Melvin E. and Lucile Wheatley Peace and Justice Award, the Ronald E. Sleeth Preaching Award, and a faculty appointment to the Justice and Peace Committee for the 2000-2001 academic year.

Before working in Admissions, Daniel spent twelve years in Denver as a respected union labor activist and community organizer with SEIU Local 105 (Service Employees International Union), FRESC (Front Range Economic Strategy Center), and AFT-Colorado (American Federation of Teachers). In 2011 he was recognized by Iliff with an award for “Outstanding Contributions to Specialized Ministry” due to his work with the Interfaith Worker Justice Committee of Colorado.

Since 2000, Daniel has been a professed brother in the ecumenical Order of Saint Luke, a religious community established in 1946 that is dedicated primarily to sacramental and liturgical scholarship, education, and practice. He is also an accomplished and award-winning poet and the author of six books:

  • A Poet Playing Doctor (2015, White Violet Press)
  • Put on Your Silly Pants (2016, DaffyDowndilly Press)
  • Plato Poetica (2017, White Violet Press)
  • Quiet Insurrections (2018, Kelsay Books)
  • The Trickster: Poems for Very Clever Children & Silly Adults (2019, White Bird Publications)
  • The Misuse of Scripture (Independently published, 2020)