Donor and Recipient 


The Passion of Iliff’s Donors

Our community of donors care deeply about the educational endeavors of our students. Their generosity can change the path of our students’ lives. More than 90% of incoming master’s program students receive an average scholarship of $10,000. These scholarships roll from year to year for the published length of your academic program based on full-time enrollment. We value the support of our donors as they create access and affordability for Iliff’s future leaders.

As a donor, your gift, no matter the size, makes a significant difference to our deserving students. Each gift enhances the lives of our students and helps Iliff provide a great educational experience. Every gift counts.

Susan Schlessman Duncan Scholarship

Susan Schlessman Duncan served on the Iliff Board of Trustees for almost 30 years, continuing the legacy of her parent’s leadership a generation before her. With these historic ties to Iliff, Sue’s commitment advances Iliff’s mission to cultivate compassion through justice and courageous imagination with future students.

“From the beginning of my involvement, I’ve seen the results of the work of Iliff graduates and the passion of the current ones, as well as the potential of Iliff as an institution. I’ve considered my efforts an investment in human potential – something my family has done since I was a child.” Susan Schlessman Duncan.

“Formerly a college professor teaching philosophy and religious studies, I am now an eager MDiv student. I’m confident that I have found not only a home at Iliff, but also an incubator for my personal flourishing as a Unitarian Universalist minister.”

Matthew Haar Farris, MDiv student and recipient of the Sue Schlessman Duncan Scholarship

Elizabeth Iliff Warren Scholarship

The Elizabeth Iliff Warren Scholarship was presented in 1925 by Louise Iliff in memory of her mother, Elizabeth Iliff Warren. Both women were founders of The Iliff School of Theology. This fellowship is given to an Iliff alumni/ae who wishes to pursue further graduate PhD work or to a student currently in the Iliff/DU Joint PhD program. It is one of the oldest and most prestigious awards that Iliff makes to a student.

“Receiving scholarships at Iliff truly made my journey there possible. I am endlessly grateful to the mentors and professionals at Iliff who assisted me in my studies and in finding financial support. With their help, I was able to articulate my goals for Latinx scholarship, my passion for social justice, and my need to put theology and anti-colonialism into conversation.”

Isabela Rosales, Joint PhD student and recipient of the Elizabeth Iliff Warren Scholarship

J. Langston Boyd Jr. Scholarship

The J. Langston Boyd Jr. Scholarship was established under the leadership of Iliff trustee, Rev. Dr. Naomi Harris. Rev. Boyd Jr. was a third-generation pastor-builder in the African Methodist Episcopal Church, a dynamic and passionate pastor, a visionary and charismatic leader, and a Christian activist and civil rights worker.

“Ultimately, the scholarship assistance makes being a student possible and allows me to have the ability to work fewer hours during the week so that school can be my first priority.”

Lex Dunbar, MDiv student and recipient of the J. Langston Boyd Jr. Scholarship

Little Rock 9 Scholarship

In 2008, Iliff celebrated the 50th anniversary of the “Little Rock Nine,” nine African American teenagers who integrated Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas. Although the students were protected by the National Guard while in school, their year was marked by terror as they were taunted, jeered, kicked, and spat upon. Proceeds from the 50th anniversary event established this scholarship, which will support students of color with a degree concentration in justice and peace.

“Iliff’s openness is what most excited me about enrolling as a MDiv student. Being in classes with students who share a vast array of religious, theological, and social ideologies and praxis challenges me in good and necessary ways.”

Lex Dunbar, MDiv student and recipient of the Little Rock 9 Scholarship

Larry Kent Graham Scholarship

In 2013 Dr. Larry K. Graham, his wife Dr. Sheila Davaney, and colleague Dr. Carrie Doehring established the Larry Kent Graham Endowed Scholarship. Larry Kent Graham was Professor of Pastoral Theology and Care at Iliff and has shaped how Iliff students think about and practice pastoral care since he came to Iliff in 1977.

“The Dr. Larry Kent Graham Scholarship has been a transformational gift to students pursuing a Masters in Pastoral and Spiritual Care degree at Iliff School of Theology and a PhD specializing in Pastoral Theology in the Joint PhD Program with the University of Denver. I am honored to continue to serve this work in his memory at Iliff.” Dr. Carrie Doehring, Clifford Baldridge Professor of Pastoral Care and Counseling at Iliff Scholl of Theology.

“Receiving the Dr. Larry Kent Graham scholarship was a great and unexpected honor. As a US Army Chaplain Candidate, I will apply Dr. Graham’s research to reducing suicides among young service members. Additionally, I hope to help fill the great need I witnessed for chaplaincy services among current and former members of our intelligence and law enforcement agencies.”

Ryan Ely, MDiv student and recipient of the Larry Kent Graham Scholarship

“I am deeply honored to receive this scholarship. Studying Dr. Graham’s work as part of my formation toward becoming an ordained chaplain for veterans has been a profound experience. The research, care, and sensitive compassion Dr. Graham put into the body of his work is palpable and has decidedly improved my own caregiving work with veterans and their allies.”

Scott Kearney, MDiv student and recipient of the Larry Kent Graham Scholarship