Preparation for Ministry in Episcopal Church

The Iliff School of Theology has joined with the Episcopal Church in Colorado to provide a specific component of the MDiv degree designed to satisfy the canonical requirements for Postulants seeking ordination in the Episcopal Church. Ordinarily, students will have undergone a substantial process of discernment process and will have approval of their Commission on Ministry and Bishop prior to enrolling.

Students seeking ordination in the Episcopal Church complete the MDiv degree, incorporating four or more of the Anglican Studies courses listed below. Some of these may be taken as electives; some will fulfill core requirements of the M.Div. Students who complete four of the Anglican Studies courses (in consultation with the Director of Anglican Studies, regardless of degree program, ordination, or profession plans, will be eligible to receive a Graduate Certificate in Anglican Studies. Anglican students participate in an ongoing, quarterly spiritual formation/peer reflection group with the Director of Anglican Studies and associated faculty. Students are strongly encouraged to use elective hours for additional coursework in Anglican Studies. CPE is required for ordination in the Episcopal Church in Colorado. Students should consult the Director of Anglican Studies for additional information, Dr. Gregory Robbins (gregory.robbins@du.edu).

Anglican Studies Courses

(offered on a three-year rotation during winter and spring quarters). All courses in the Anglican Studies curriculum are offered on-line.

  • Christianity in the British Isles & the English Reformation**, 4 credits
  • The Episcopal Church in America, 4 credits
  • The Devotional Life: Historical/Contemporary Perspectives & Practice**, 4 credits
  • Anglican Liturgy**, 4 credits
  • Polity of the Episcopal Church & the Anglican Communion**, 4 credits
  • Different Dreams: Anglican Ethics & Moral Theology in Context**, 4 credits
  • Integrative Colloquium in Anglican Studies**, 4 credits

**Denotes a course that addresses the educational expectations outlined in the Constitution and Canons of the Episcopal Church for those who would be ordained.

Degree Flexibility for Anglican Studies MDiv Students Seeking Ordination

Anglican Studies MDiv students follow the same pattern of requirements as other MDiv students with the following allowance:

  1. In the Theology and Religious Practices (PR) curricular area, “Anglican Liturgy” may count as a Depth (D) course
  2. Other courses may meet core requirements. Students should see their advisor or the course schedule for more information.
  3. Anglican students participate in PPSF requirements.