These two Iliff faculty members are engaging the academy and the broader public in important conversation about ethics, church culture, and theology.

Dr. Lizardy-Hajbi Publishes a Vital Report; Press Takes Notice

A new report, Latino Congregations: Trends from the Faith Communities Today (FACT) and Exploring the Pandemic Impact on Congregations (EPIC) Studies, written by Dr. Kristina Lizardy-Hajbi, was recently published by the Hartford Institute for Religion Research. The report is one of the most detailed and comprehensive analyses to date on the state of U.S. Latine congregations.

Dr. Lizardy-Hajbi was also featured in a Religion News Service (RNS) article about the report, offering additional context on the findings.

A webinar featuring highlights from the report, along with statistics on Black and Multiracial congregations is available for viewing below.

Iliff Celebrates the New De La Torre Publication

Cover of De La Torre's book, with the title "Reading Jose Martí from the Margins" beneath a drawn imagine of Martí, his shadow a palm tree.
In January of 2024, Iliff faculty member, Dr. Miguel de la Torre published his 47th book, Reading José Martí from the Margins, published with Rowman & Littlefield.

Reading José Marti from the Margins explores the construction of Cuban homophobia, racism, sexism, sinophobia and ethnic discrimination which continues unabetted today on both sides of the Florida Straits.

The apotheosis of Martí and the falsification of his thoughts have made it difficult to provide a critical assessment of his contributions to the cause of political and social liberation. In his writings and in his declaration (Montecristo Manifesto), he is among the first Latin Americanists to envision the future of Cuba and the rest of Latin America with the full and equal inclusion of Indian and Black people.

However, he also unwillingly created the foundation for a paternalistic, colorblind social order which contributed to the marginalization of those who fell short of the cis-gendered male Eurocuban ideal. Relying primarily on Martí’s own writings, some of which has yet to be translated into English, Dr. De La Torre provides a critical assessment of Martí and shows how some of his work contributes to the construction of intra-Cuban oppression.

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De La Torre's Current Op-Ed: Engaging a Difficult Conversation

Dr. De La Torre is an outspoken advocate for liberation, a theme that features prominently in his scholarship and public writing.

In his recent op-ed, “Redefining Antisemitism,” published at Good Faith Media, he writes that,

“The term ‘antisemitism’ is being redefined to silence those standing in solidarity with the disenfranchised and dispossessed. It is being weaponized to intimidate those speaking against apartheid.”

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