Fall Gathering 

Days 2022

Welcome to Fall Gathering Days: October 9 – 15, 2022

All of us in Denver are looking forward to having you on campus this fall. Gathering Days are when students travel to Denver to attend their courses. It is a special time for the Iliff community to be together for academics and fellowship for meals, classes, social events, guest speakers, prayer and worship. By gathering on the beautiful Iliff campus, there are distinctive opportunities for meaningful, engaging, and transforming conversations.

As you pack and prepare for next week:

1. Light lunch is being offered the following days:

– Sunday (orientation – pizza)

– Monday (everyone on campus – mediterranean)

– Tuesday Dean’s Cafe (everyone – pizza)

– Wednesday (everyone – Mad Greens salads & wraps)

– Thursday – OFF CAMPUS ON YOUR OWN except for students in the first year retreat (GF chicken and salad)

– Friday Admissions sponsors (everyone plus prospective students – burritos)


Each light lunch will have food to meet three dietary needs: A) gluten free, B) vegan (no dairy, no meat), C) no restrictions.  If you have very specific dietary restrictions you may need to supplement what is offered on one or another day. 

Bring your favorite WATER BOTTLE!  There are several filling stations in Iliff Hall.  We will be offering only ice water at lunches.  There a currently no vending machines at Iliff. Feel free to pick up your favorite (non-alcoholic) beverage and bring it to campus.

Bring your first cup of coffee to campus with you from wherever you get breakfast each day.  The 2 Keurig machines in the Commons take 90 seconds per cup. With 125 of us on campus some days, the line will be long at peak times

Student Senate will have “snacks” and Keurig cups in the Schlessman Commons for students. I don’t think they are planning that the snacks will substitute for a meal though.

For the most part, supper is on your own – which is a GREAT time to get to know other students. There are many inexpensive restaurants within 3 blocks of Iliff and even more if you have a car. Ask any local Denverite about our favorites!

Note the following supper-time events with food:

Tuesday – ILIFF INNOVATION LAB HAPPY HOUR in the Commons 5 pm-7 pm. with food, music, conversation, and information about the Innovation Lab and how to get involved

Thursday – STUDENT SENATE Happy Hour at the Pioneer 5:15pm. Senate buys appetizers, you buy your own drink. Seating is outdoors, bring a jacket.

Tuesday – BIPOC students and faculty meal at Dean Lee’s home (by invitation, please RSVP to her). 6 pm

Wednesday – DMin students and faculty meal at Prof. Eric Smith’s home (by invitation, please RSVP to him). 6:30 pm

Friday – Methodist students meal at Cathie Kelsey’s home (by invitation, please RSVP to her). 5:15 pm

Here’s links to the entire schedule for next week:

First year student version (highlights just the items you need)

Returning student version (has everything on it except 1st year courses)

WEATHER:  lows in the mid-40s at night/until 7am, highs mid 70s early in week and mid 60s later in the week. Layers are always a good idea.  We tend to dress casually at Iliff, so outer layers that you might use for fall hiking are often seen in classrooms.
Rev. Dr. Cathie Kelsey
pronouns: she, her, hers
Dean of the Chapel and Spiritual Formation

National Coming Out Day Event

Hosted by the Queer Coalition
Monday, October 10th

5:00 p.m. in Schlessman Commons

Come join the Queer Coalition for an informal discussion and hangout in anticipation of National Coming Out Day! We hope to share our stories of coming out, reasons why we don’t want to or can’t come out, the rituals that we use to celebrate our own milestones, and most importantly enjoy each other’s company. Come as you are and be in loving community for a while. Free snacks and interactive ritual objects will be provided! We hope to see you there!
Questions about this event or the Queer Coalition?  Contact Nathaniel Clark at nclark@iliff.edu.

Thursday Night Hangout

Hosted by the Student Senate
Thursday, October 13th

5:15 p.m. at The Pioneer
2401 S University Blvd (Just a block from campus)

Join the Student Senate for a casual come-and-go hang out at the Pioneer to get to know your fellow Iliffians a little better.  Most of the best conversations take place outside of class (and certainly outside of Canvas), so don’t miss this! Appetizers will be provided.  We would love to see you there. 

Please bring sufficient masks with you for the week, preferably K95/KN94. The Iliff campus is now “mask optional” – however if someone in a setting asks that others join them in wearing a mask, we are a community of respect and will we join them in wearing a mask. If someone tests positive for COVID we will ask everyone who was exposed to wear a mask for the next 5 days whenever indoors on campus. This should help contain the spread, especially since registered students, faculty and staff have all provided their record of COVID vaccination. The school itself is not testing students. We rely upon you to monitor your health and to inform your advisor if you have symptoms and test positive while you are in Denver. You may need masks while you are here and bringing a test kit is also a good idea. Right now transmission in Denver is “low” but Iliffians are gathering from all over. We care for each other by being thoughtful and careful.

You are strongly encouraged to get the Omicron vaccine before coming to Denver, if at all possible.

We encourage you to attend the early evening events while you are in Denver. They will give you informal time to become acquainted with other students, some of whom may become life-long friends. Here is the complete schedule. Student Senate will have more information about Monday and Thursday evening events when they are more fully planned. Expect them to be fun! Note that lunch on Thursday and Saturday will be on your own. There are LOTS of places to eat within 3 to 5 blocks of Iliff.

For Fall Gathering Days, all Iliff’s hybrid courses have REQUIRED class time ON CAMPUS in Denver. Here are the links to the entire schedule for the week:

First year student version (highlights just the items you need)

Returning student version (has everything on it except 1st year courses)

You are required to be on campus only for your hybrid courses, and only for the period when your section of each hybrid course is scheduled to meet. If you are enrolled in online-only courses you do not need to come to Denver.

Note #1: Attendance for the on-campus portion of all hybrid courses is required in order to receive credit for the course. Consult the Masters Student Handbook.

Note #2: Courses that normally meet weekly on campus, will meet ONLINE in week 5 of the term (during Gathering Days), in order to avoid scheduling conflicts for you.

Special Events to Plan to Attend:

– Tuesday, October 11th @ 5:00-7:00 pm:

Innovation Lab Happy Hour during which you can learn about and meet Iliff people who are working on projects including ethical AI, Ecojustice, Religion and Politics, and health.

– Wednesday, October 12th @ 5:05 pm:

Fall Convocation in the Iliff Chapel. Students, faculty and staff will all be recognized; President Wolfe will give the address, outlining his vision for this academic year. This is our big fall term academic ritual – a fun gathering!

If you have any questions, you can reach out to me (Rev. Dr. Cathie Kelsey @ ckelsey@iliff.edu), your faculty instructor, or any staff member. We’re eager to help you navigate.

Travel and Getting Around Denver:

If you fly to Denver: plan a minimum of two hours between your flight arrival or departure and when you must be on campus at Iliff. It is a large airport, 45 min distant from Iliff, and under construction. Uber/Lyft and taxi service is readily available. Car rentals, though available, seem to be more expensive this year. RTD LightRail line A starts at the airport and connects to lines that comes to within 15 min walk of Iliff and also connects to bus line #24 that stops at Iliff.

If you drive to Denver: parking at Iliff is $2/hour, maximum of $10/day. Pay with a credit card at the kiosk next to the lot. University of Denver (DU) manages the lot.

If you take the train to Denver: the Amtrak station is located next to the downtown light rail station (RTD) which can bring you to the north side of DU, a lovely 15 minute walk to Iliff’s location.

Iliff is on bus line #24 (runs north/south on University Blvd) and is one block south of the bus line #21 that runs east/west on Evans. The “trip planner” at RTD-Denver.com is excellent and can show you exactly how to get from one address to another at the time of day on the day you want to travel. Mobile ticketing allows you to purchase fares in advance on your phone. $3 per ride between Iliff and downtown, but $10.50 to or from the airport.


Iliff itself does not have housing on campus. For the hotels listed below students will need to make reservations directly with the hotel, mentioning you want the “Iliff School of Theology” discount. Call them at the hotel rather than using their website to make your reservation.

Ask for the Fall Gathering Day rates at the Hilton Garden Inn (3.3 miles to campus) and Courtyard hotel (2.4 miles to campus).

There are other hotels that are marginally closer to Iliff, but we have not been able to contract for a reduced rate with them yet. (Fairfield Inn, Hampton Inn, La Quinta)

Many students have found that renting through AirBnB is less expensive, particularly if a group of students rents an entire house or apartment with several bedrooms. There are a couple of apartments within 2 blocks of campus that have BnB units.

If you look at the RTD LightRail map, you might find an AirBnB or hotel deal near a stop that is further away from Iliff but that gives you easy access.

The “Iliff Connect” Facebook group is a great place to share or learn about discoveries with other Iliffians. The group can be found publicly but is a private group (request membership to access).


Plan to have breakfast and dinner off campus. We are arranging for lunch at Iliff on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday from noon to 1pm. There are also at least 16 low price restaurants within 2 blocks walk of Iliff, and 15 more 4 to 6 blocks away.

Check out the official Denver Visitors Guide to learn about our places and spaces, and our weather, as well as tips about visiting us in the mile high city.