Meet Our Students

Rev. Vinnetta Golphin-Wilkerson

Rev. Golphin-Wilkerson serves as the Granger Community Christian Church DOC pastor, an ethnically diverse congregation; she said, “some members are 1st or 2nd generation Tongan, Samoan, Cambodian, Peruvian, Ecuadorian, and Mexican. Others descend from Canada or many countries across Europe.” She is also active in her denomination and serves as the Regional Moderator of CRMR DOC, which covers 48 churches in Wyoming, Colorado, South East Idaho, Utah, and one church in New Mexico.

Rev. Golphin-Wilkerson takes the D.Min prophetic leadership to the next level by planning to revamp the church’s order with courage and cultivate a new paradigm. “Iliff’s D.Min program in Prophetic Leadership attracted me because I believe the current model of church (specifically Protestant American church) is in many ways approaching the edges of its relevancy to the world around it. The church relies on a set of values and assumptions that are no longer true. I call the model P 3–Pastor, Pulpit, Pew. I am proposing a different model centered on the human search for engagement with God (or the Holy).”