President’s New Year 

Message 2021

January 1, 2021

As we greet 2021, so much of our thinking is about how we can realize worldwide healing from the coronavirus. We all recognize that so much of what was once normal is now disrupted and wonder about the emerging new normal. At Iliff, we are not waiting passively for the new normal. The world in which Iliff exists has been changing for some time. For the past several years, our work has been to engage these changes, understand them, and discern our role in bringing forward the essence of Iliff as our contribution in shaping them for the common good.

Iliff has been claiming its place within the full ecology of higher education of which theological education needs to be a part. This attunes us to the contemporary stresses faced by learners within graduate higher education particularly around the issues of access and delivery of programs. Iliff has been renewing its historic relationships to external constituencies of religious-based and other service communities, but in a manner so as to share leadership that addresses the complex challenges faced by these constituents.

Through the richness of these newly defined connections, Iliff’s world is getting larger. Iliff is presenting itself and being found by numerous emerging initiatives in technology, ecology, and social change that are needed to build systems that sow and embed the conscience of justice in their work. New models that address diverse learning needs are being created to engage larger circles of people who share our work.

Blessings to you as we work together.


Thomas V. Wolfe
President and CEO
Iliff School of Theology