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Learn More About Internships

Students are invited to co-create a nine-month, part-time internship that supports their individual learning and vocational needs. The internship partners them with an experienced supervisor and community partner. Iliff students intern in diverse context including: congregations, denominational offices, non-profit organizations, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, or government agencies.
Check out the INFOGRAPHICS highlighting some key statistics on internship.

Supervisor Discernment Meetings

The Office of Professional Formation offers Supervisor Discernment Meetings for those who are interested in hosting and supervising an Iliff intern. These informational meetings will share Iliff expectations of the site and supervisor, and provide an opportunity to ask questions. If you have never supervised an Iliff intern, or it has been a while, we strongly encourage you to attend one of these three sessions. Experienced Iliff internship supervisors may also attend. All are welcome. Please RSVP, dates and times are listed within the RSVP form.

Intern Compensation

The Office of Professional Formation is committed to the shared responsibility of developing current and future leaders. This includes justice commitments of financial support from all stakeholders. Most Iliff students make significant financial and personal sacrifices to undertake their education. Therefore, we expect our Internship sites to partner by providing some form of financial compensation. We suggest that sites aim for $15/hour for the 420-hour, 9-month Internship (~$6,300.00/year). The Office of Professional Formation has some scholarship and fellowship monies to support Interns and supplement site contributions. Iliff continues to raise funding for scholarships and train students in financial resiliency and management.
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