Board of Trustee – 

Andrew “Andy” Quiat

Andrew Quiat first acted on environmental matters while a Ford Foundation Environmental Intern in a multi-year internship while a law student. He has had a full career in private practice, business, and on non-profit boards since he was 25 years old, with experience in executive positions, board governance, for-profit public, private, and non-profit organizations, as well as engaging in the private practice of law. His law practice is substantially limited to realization upon large money judgments and in pursuing people who send robocalls. He has been actively involved through outreach efforts of the Aspen Community United Methodist Church, of which his wife, an Iliff alum, was the Pastor, with the provision of sustainable water to rural Kenyans.

He is a Trustee of the American Renewable Energy Institute, of Aspen, Colorado ( and has served as its Secretary for a number of years, and continues to do so. He has been instrumental in formation of Iliff’s Eco-Justice Center.

He has been a Director of a public company involving technological approaches to document and product security (Optical Security Group).

He was Chairman and General Counsel of Beth Israel Hospital and Geriatric Center, effecting both a corporate re-structuring and a multi-million dollar turn-round in economic performance without firing anyone.

He spent seven years on the Colorado Health Facilities Finance Authority, during which time the authority financed in excess of $1.6 billion of double-tax-exempt bonds to finance non-profit health facilities in Colorado. Through that affiliation he served on the Operations Committee of the National Council of Health Facilities Finance Authorities and chaired its Capital Finance Policy Committee.

He currently serves on the Colorado Supreme Court’s County Court Rules sub-committee where all changes to post-judgment Rules originate. He serves on the Board of the Colorado Creditors Bar Association.

He chaired the Young Lawyers Section of the Colorado Bar Association, served on the Board of Trustees of the Denver Bar Association, the Board of Governors of the Colorado Bar Association, and on the Executive Council of the Young Lawyers Section of the American Bar Association at a time when that section first came to represent over ½ of the Association’s membership.

He is an experienced litigator in both federal and state courts and has transactional experience including mergers and acquisitions.