Board of Trustee – 

James M. Wilkins

Jim Wilkins is past chair of the Board of Trustees at the Iliff School of Theology. After rotating off the board following three terms, Wilkins was elected as an Honorary Trustee and still serves on Board committees and remains engaged. Wilkins is a retired real estate broker whose career was based in the Denver area.

Wilkins is interested in making a difference as a full-time community volunteer. He believes that Iliff is a bulwark of faith and spiritual development, unafraid of challenges from changing times. Iliff has furnished interns to his church who have gone on to leadership positions.

Wilkins’ interests and involvement include the history of Native Americans and the southwest United States, the Mesa Verde Foundation, Denver Rotary, Trinity United Methodist Church. Wilkins also presents a historical portrayal of Governor Ralph Carr (Colorado, 1939-1943) who was the only governor who stood up for United States citizens of Japanese heritage during their World War II internment. Carr’s stance cost him his political career.